Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blog Pimping

Eli, of course, just like the next bunny, is well capable of blog whoring, but here, dear reader, he would like to engage in some blog pimping for Backseat Driving, the blog of Brian Schmidt, an elected member of the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board (out west, whiskey is for drinking and water is for politiking). How, how, dear readers could you NOT read a blog which Tim Ball called Cheap Tawdry and Useless.

Brian is on fire, raising mature issues in an adult way without any acting out. Among the the recent posts are

Wish I didn't have Shellenberger on my (partly) pro-nuke side Nuclear proliferation issues are probably the second-biggest problem with nuclear power after economics. Michael Shellenberger spent much of this Forum discussion pretending it wasn't a problem at all. "You don't build nuclear power to get a nuclear weapon." Oh yes, you do. There's a huge amount of overlap in the technology.
All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to fear hypocrisy Came up with the quote above myself. I really hate the argument that you're not allowed to do something good unless you always do that good thing. We're no angels, and hypocrisy is a good argument to make if we claim to be angels, but it's not an argument for inaction.
Nuke power: still too safe, still too expensive, and no one's changed their mind So I'll stand by what I wrote in 2005, that nuclear power is too safe relative to fossil fuel competitors. I suppose you could argue it's worthwhile to make the worst 10% safer while making new plants less safe than otherwise planned, but that wouldn't change the analysis. I also suppose it's less safe than the industrial accidents from renewable power (don't really know the answer to that), but that's not the binary choice we have in our current system.
Go read an intelligent blog and discuss real ideas not journalistic blow. Oh yes, he has a snazzy new color scheme, much nicer than JEB


Brian said...

Well thanks, Eli!

For my next trick I planned to go back to my occasional movie reviews, this one being Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush, which I just finished watching today. There's no shtick like slapstick!

(Seriously, it's pretty good. You can see where Jackie Chan got some of his style before he sold out to The Man. Maybe after that post I can try to be thoughtful again.)

James Annan said...

Hey, I'm not allowed to clash with the photos..

Brian Schmidt said...

James can't clash with photos, but he walks away with the easy-money bets (assuming our trustworthy Russian friends are good for it).