Saturday, October 23, 2010

NOAA Reports on Arctic Ice

Not optimistic, but simple enough for anyone. This is an interesting new direction of for reporting from government science agencies to the public on a nontechnical level. OK, they could have used someone who knows how to speak in something more varied than a monotone, but that would raise the debt. Mom and Dad need to see this but you can read the details on the web.


Anonymous said...

Argh! All good points, but, narration by Stephen Hawking?
(Yes, pedants, I know it wasn't really Prof. Hawking).

Richard C

Holly Stick said...

So according to this guy, the warmer Arctic means most of North America and some of Eruopre and Asia will get colder winters with more snow.

Does that sound about right? It messes up the idea that Canada will mostly benefit from AGW (along with all the other problems like the Canadian Shield not being good farmland even if it is a bit warmer in future).