Monday, August 09, 2010

Reopening the poles

Well, A-Ray has won the Mockton Limmerick Contest (eight votes as of now), so all he has to do is contact Eli and collect his winnings.

OTOH, there has been a recent flood of entries, so the Rabett will reopen the contest in a couple of weeks to give the new entrants a chance. Gonna drink Eli out of house and home you are.


Anonymous said...

His Lordship's updated artwork is now available, hopefully sorting out the problem he's developed now that the House of Lords has noticed he's been waltzing all over the planet and hauling down the cash with the help of their emblem.

John Mashey said...

Well, I tried before, and it disappeared into the bit-bucket.

I wrote somethign like:
Opening the poles:
yes the North Pole looks like it's going to be open, relatively soon.
The South Pole I doubt.

Of course, then the next post appeared on Arctic ice...


I see Watts now refers to the viscount as " A compellingly articulate British Lord"

Haw Haw.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

OK, not an entry, but how about an entry for Anthony himself

Tony Watts argues like he's from Mars;
Bogus facts--and his logic won't parse!
He prefers the security
of doctrinal purity;
Watt's up is his head up his arse.