Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Cut

Michael Tobis has written some dialogs acout climate change and wonders how to display them. Rabett Studios, has a suggestion:

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Padraig Tomas said...

Having given the subject some thought I have reached a conclusion. What Michael Tobis could do to add some interest to his red blue dialogs is to make use of a celebrity spokesperson. Michael Tobis would play the part of Blue, our voice of reason and expertise. Playing the part of Red we would need someone who has achieved public recognition, and who would be willing to work for free. (We're not made of money here.) Recently incarcerated Lindsay Lohan may well need to do some extensive community service work. Climate change is a popular issue amongst hollywood starlets, and this would be an opportunity for her to put the recent unpleasantness behind her. Give the woman a list of questions to ask, and then she could listen while looking cute.

If Lindsay Lohan is unavailable we could always ask Natialie Imbruglia, or Olivia Wilde.

thefordprefect said...

how about diferent voices? No celebrities but different sex and accents.

Anonymous said...

The delightful Ode to Joy shows what inevitably happens when theorists are turned loose in the laboratory.

Experimental physicist

Anonymous said...

Decades to get our act together. I do not think so, time is so very short. Enjoyed the Ode to Joy

Little Mouse

Anonymous said...

Weekend Warrior Wabbits
(rated r for anime gun violence)

--Dead Eye Mouse

Michael Tobis said...

That is oddly helpful, actually.