Monday, May 31, 2010

Troll of the weak before

In which art imitates life at Rabett Run


carrot eater said...

In other news, Anthony Watts is being classy as ever.

Let us preserve the memory of fallen soldiers. Let us not cheapen that spirit by weirdly connecting it with cheap personal taunts.

Anonymous said...

The bird is dead, long ears rule...

Antiquated Tory said...

Oh now, the bird was quality trolling. Infuriatingly smug (his intellect unencumbered by any relevant knowledge), linker to some of the crappiest pseudo-science out there (the Moon pdf, which a bunny likened to a 4th grade class in the Bronze Age), poster of items that actually argue against his point but that he misunderstands, and even a religious crackpot! He is a Roc of birdy trolls, a +3HD Abyssal Dire Troll. His presence on this blog distinguishes it from any other climate science blog I've read, and possibly any other blog at all (though there are some contenders at Orac's place).
Btw, Pearls Before Swine rocks.

Anonymous said...

@Carrot eater

He only asked a question. The over-hyped reaction says a lot.

Tim Lambert is still deleting comments over at his blog that prove a major piece of his latest post as wrong. Gee I wonder how often that happens. In his Monckton Wrong" post he claims Monckton "lied" when he quoted box 10.2 of IPCC report. Well go to the link in Tim's article and you will find that Mockton was accurate and Tim is wrong!

"The mean ±1 standard deviation values from these models were 3.8°C ± 0.78°C in the SAR (17 models), 3.5°C ± 0.92°C in the TAR (15 models) and in this assessment 3.26°C ± 0.69°C (18 models)."

Note the words "in this assessment"..

Lambert is a CSP and has been for years.

Jon P (aka Celry Eater)

Anonymous said...

Snow Bunny says:

Eli, see the hilarious gobbledegook coming from the deniers this week:

in which they do in the Stefan-Boltzmann law so global warming isn't real!

(For those who don't know Stefan's law relates temperature and energy and has been around for 200 years.)

Anonymous said...

Jon P,

You somehow missed this part in Tim's post:

"Monckton's numbers do come from box 10.2, but are the mean and standard deviation of the sensitivity for 18 different climate models, which is not the same thing at all."

Monckton is comparing carrots and celery.

David B. Benson said...

A field rabbit has moved into my neighborhood.

I named it Eli.

EliRabett said...

We are honored

Jim Bouldin said...

"What are you doing pig?"