Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slippery slopes

Sometimes the title is the reason for posting. This is one such case.

The Heartland Conference on Climate Misleading has given us two contenders: Don Easterbrook, who picks the beginning of the temperature anomaly curve as 2000 and the end as 2009 to fake the decline, as Tim Lambert points out, or is it hide the incline, and then James Taylor who does the same for snow cover. Friend Taylor shows up at MT's place to defend his honor, decides, it's not worth the effort, picks up his few marbles remaining and goes home. MT plays a round of nyah nyah.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't all, so tragic, this could have been funny. Do rabbits read the papers? You are really, all still worried about your pride and personal views? Leaders today are talking like this to the citizens of the world...

"We are moving from an age of plenty to an age of austerity in the public finances," Laws told the FT in his first newspaper interview since taking office on May 12.

"We will make that austerity as progressive as we can, by protecting the things and the people who need protecting."

What he says, is true... get a grip. Who could have seen this coming? Where was science? Don't they want to see/know too? As the Bible says, we are all dead; under the Law.

Anonymous said...

And here is how airhead GOP hacks treat *legitimate* scientists who don't fake their data:

Former Skeptic said...

Mark my words. Next year's Heartland con-ference -- held in Wasilla, Alaska -- will have Sarah Palin firing the opening salvo with her talk "Climate ain't changing -- you betcha!"

It will also have Judith Curry replacing Monckton as their closing plenary speaker. Her talk will be titled: "Blog science as post post-normal science: re-framing the climate debate."

You read it here first, fellow bunnies.

Steve Bloom said...

Over at the Breakthrough Boys vanity blog Judy just posted (and we must admire her diligence in doing so) her list of points of value from the Loop loopies circle jerk. I looked into one of them and discovered that in at least that instance she acted less like a scholar and more like a hayseed come to the big city to go window shopping at Marshall Field's. Such pretty tchotchkes!

Anyway, as I pointed out here, Craig Idso transmuted graphic dross into denialist gold by just presenting the lowest of two emissions scenarios as the entire result. Idso's ppt is here and the abused Pieter Tans paper here.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

A stupid birdbrain says, "Who could have seen this coming? Where was science?"


You stupid, moron, ignorant, lying pustule. Where was science? Science has been telling us we're in trouble for over 60 years. Ever hear of Paul Ehrlich? Ever hear of the Club of Rome and Limits to Growth? Ever hear of Al Bartlett? They were telling us we couldn't grow forever while you and your fundie, anti-science Hayek disciples were laughing in their face. In fact, they were telling us about the problems when there was still time to do something about it.

Look, asshat, if you want to peddle your biblical gloom and doom, feel free. The rest of us who are actively trying to solve the problems that threaten our survival will simply ignore you. But do not ever under any circumstances try to blame the scientists who've been working their asses off for generations while you have flown along your merry way. NOW FUCK OFF!

Anonymous said...

OK, a_ray_in_..., please don't get your panties in a bunch, as Pal_in says. OK? We are just a bunch of folks with axes(?) to grind. The LCD in front of you---with all the letters & spaces_, in between the words. They will not hurt your head, though perhaps with a smile; they will: open your mind for a change! The public has been buried with your words and photos and degaussers etc...for 36 years. Our turn now.)
So; _dilbert_space, Have a nice day:)

Why not?... Revelation 22:21
Got milk? Want milk!

Anonymous said...

Judith Curry proposes Heartland as team B of competent scientists, is Heartland supporting another kind of smoke now?

Horatio Algeranon said...

RE: James Taylor

As we all know, "You've got a friend" is only one of JT's hits.

Others include: "IPCC-roller blues", "(Perp)Walking Mann", "Gone to Fantasy-island in my mind", "Sweet Baby Steve",and the classic "How fraudulent it is".

the mighty said...

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I'm sure there's a bunny/easterbrook joke in here somewhere...