Monday, December 07, 2009

On the ragged edge of reality

Ethon flew over to Borders to purchase the book of the season from Denial Depot. It's sort of like those tasty ZhuZhus you gotta get yours before they sell out. Of course, spitting out the wires sucks.

The book is titled "The Honest Joker" and is, to my mind, the first honest attempt at bringing together the two opposing camps in the AGW bruhahahahahaha. Now I realize that many here may think there is no point in trying to reason or negotiate with the Commie-Nazi-Gorist, number twiddling, Prius-driving, politicized, sycophants represented by the AGW mass hysterions, but please, hear me out before rushing to judgement. Friends, we need to build bridges, and I am here to do it, even if I have to sacrifice myself on the funeral pyre of AGW-inspired hate and stupidity. In short, I represent the voice of reasoned intercourse and a new way out of this mess.

The book discusses quite a number of topics, but time and our attention spans are short, so I will discuss just one: stealth politicization of science. By this I mean the audacious audacity of certain climate scientists (who shall go unnamed because I am, like all of us with purely scholarly motives, not out on any sort of personal vendetta here but you know sort of like Gavin Schmidt and Kevin Trenberth and Michael Mann), to openly politicize this issue in a press conference and say things like "the science is sound and the world needs to take action" and "the CRU hack does not affect, in any way, the validity of AGW concepts" and other such outrageous and vicious lies and politicizations of science. THESE LATTER TWO ARE THE DOMAIN OF POLITICAL SCIENTISTS, as we all know, so GET BACK INTO YOUR SCIENCE CORNER CLIMATE HEADS, BECAUSE WE'LL HANDLE THE POLITICS SIDE OF THINGS, OK??!!
In case the bunnies are wondering where this came from read this thread



Anonymous said...

At least one person, Jeff Masters, has figured all of this out:

The hacked emails are part of a campaign by the fossil fuels industry to "manufacture doubt." Check it out!

-Nevada Ned

Anonymous said...

I think that as a scientist, R.P.jr. should stick to science and not politics. But if he wants to pursue politics, this should be US politics as he is a citizen over there. Anything he says about foreign domestic policies should be disregarded and shunned as an act of trying to affect internal matters of the country f.e. GB. His Reynolds Number is hard to define since he is very stiff and looks like he's providing an unmeasurable amount of inertia. One might argue this is not possible in a physical world. Just trying out the tags.

Anonymous said...

Here's the greenhouse effect, demonstrated in a bottle!

-Nevada Ned

Martin Vermeer said...

Nevada Ned, that experiment is a disaster.

Former Skeptic said...

Denial depot has to be the best climate website on the interwebs. I haven't laughed as much since reading Thers' description ("fish-f*ck-smoke") of Pielke's recent interweb meltdown.