Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mental Health Break

As the bunnies might have guessed after three days of poster, presentations and discussions, everyone needs and takes a mental health break. Eli's practice is to walk around town, maybe visit a museum or some other interesting place. Ms Rabett encourages gift buying expeditions.

Now the Rabett is a hard guy to impress. After all he is a survivor of the Deathmarch through the Louvre, the Metropolitan Marathon, the Tate Trot and more, but today he was a bit west of the AGU convention center and found the Chung Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture, aka the SF Asian Art Museum and was completely blown away. While not a small place, you really need at least a full day to take it in, you can breeze through and get a huge case of jaw drop in an hour or two. There is not a single piece of shelf filler in the whole museum.

Eli heartily recommends a visit ($17 for adults, less for kids and emeriti) to recharge the zest.


silence said...

The SF Asian Art Museum is decidedly one of the more unique and interesting art museums in the US. I'd say it takes about two days to really take in most of their permanent collection.

On a slightly different topic, if you've got another day and access to a car, and you're relax-by-walking-outside kind of person, you might want to consider visiting some of the region's more interesting outdoor locations, such as the redwood groves (Muir Woods is the closest to SF, but Big Basin is likely to be less crowded), the monarch butterfly overwintering sites (Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz is the easiest to find), or the tule elk reserve on Tomales Point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for praising one of my home city's treasures. I also recommend the Cal Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate park. It's one of the reasons most SF'ers "get" things like climate change. SFMouse

Dan Satterfield said...

I've done that death march through the Louvre myself and on human legs that can't bounce like wabbit legs can.

Thanks for the tip on the museum!


Hank Roberts said...

"... what’s with all the silly painted rabbits?"

EliRabett said...

Hank, Friday night is date night