Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Now that you have pen in hand

Marc and his merry men are aware of all Internet traditions

[Marc Morano of Climate Depot Sept. 6, 2009 Statement: “I have been researching and reporting on the environmental movement since 1992 and specifically on man-made global warming science over the past decade. (see: here, here, and here.) The past few weeks have -- without a doubt -- seen the most dramatic acceleration of developments against the claims of a so-called 'consensus.' The Houston Chronicle science reporter Eric Berger's latest admission merely reflects an inescapable reality: Man-made global warming fears are quickly descending into the ash heap of history. Even top UN IPCC scientists are now openly questioning these claims.” Berger joins other reporters and media outlets in recent times who are being swayed by latest science. See "Related Links" below. - End Morano statement.]
Denial Depot is well aware of the important role that bloggers play
I believe that one day all science will be done on blogs because we bloggers are natural skeptics, disbelieving the mainstream and accepting the possibility of any alternative idea.

We stand unimpressed by "textbooks", "peer review journals" and so-called "facts". There are no facts, just informed ideas. We are infinitely small compared to nature and can't grasp anything as certain as a fact.
Eli's friends might enjoy having fun with the chum that Morano chased over to Eric Berger's place at the Houston Chronicle. Eli will try to be faster at this.

Rabett Run, the place to go to be told where to go.


CapitalClimate said...

Nice try, Eli, but blinding them with science (your SciGuy 12:10 comment) ain't gonna cut it with that crowd. "Are you feeling lucky, punk?", however is much more to the point.

EliRabett said...

Sting like a butterfly, float like a bee.

John Mashey said...

Climate Depot is so Luddite:
BlogScience indeed ...

clearly, the future is TwitterScience.

Marion Delgado said...

I love blogs. I live for blogs. But if all science is done on blogs, we won't live much longer.

Horatio Algeranon said...

Horatio wrote a ditty on this topic a while back:

Science by blog

Yves said...


It's quite interesting to see the difference between the source text and the guru's additions:

.."But more and more agree that the short-term prognosis for climate change is much less certain than once thought." (source text)

"If we can't have confidence in the short-term prognosis for climate change, how can we have full confidence in the long-term prognosis?" (added text, appealing to the "if we can't predict the weather at 15 days how the hell dare those arrogant guys tell us than we could predict 100 years" kind of thought)

Just return to the source text and we have a very different impression, near the opposite, including the thoughts of the... Pope instead of the guru: "In many ways we know more about what will happen in the 2050s than next year" . Then, there are some interesting considerations (NAO,...) which are living science, and IMO are to be taken with some pinch of salt.


Anonymous said...

Science should be done on blogs, not by scientists...?!?

Yeah, right.

So then our knowledge base would consist of creationism, HIV not causing AIDS, and GHG not causing climate change?

If they would hold the same contempt for their medical doctors as they have for scientists, their health would probably suffer. But at least the consequences for their contempt would fall solely on their own shoulders. With global climate change it’s different.


Martin Vermeer said...

The good news is that if all science were done on blogs, soon the infrastructure for blogging would come apart at the seams. Huh -- most folks saying this don't even grok infrastructure.

(Interesting thought experiment: how long would it take?)

Hank Roberts said...


No One said...

Woo hoo !!! I am the 10th of 10 equally meaningful responses !!!

Marion Delgado said...

Eric Berger knows his readers.

If you work for Fox, you pander to the Beckians. He's in the same boat.