Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Magical Solutions Anyone?

The operative definition of chutzpah is taking an axe to your parents and pleading for mercy as an orphan. Ethon has a new one, a certain tasty senior fellow of the Breakthrough Institute, you know, the delayers who current strategy is faith based research to combat future climate change, telling the new Japanese government off for setting goals in their first couple of weeks in power but not immediately having concrete plans for reducing greenhouse gases.

Of course, as E points out, not eating today because there might be a nice piece of liver tomorrow doesn't exactly take care of a hungry bird's tummy. However here we have our old playmate Roger P taking the Japanese to task for not specifying how to reach their goals. Except that he took the old Japanese government to task for the same thing, when they had specified both their goals and methods (see also comments at Environment 360 by Brendan Barrett). Anyone in bed with Marty Hoffert should not go around criticizing others for not being realistic.

Some things never change.


Anna Haynes said...

IMO TBI's funding doesn't add up. How much should it cost, to run an outfit their size?

TokyoTom said...

Nice photo of Lizzy.

It`s probably a fair point to criticize goal-setting where the goals are pure posturing.

My guess is that Roger has concluded that the political resistance to carbon pricing of any kind is so high that the best chance to make any progress is on government direct funding and other tech forcing measures.