Monday, April 27, 2009

Notice to the editorial board

UPDATE: 4/28 Midnight. The Bunny burns the midnight oil. V. 2.8 is now up. A bit of fiddling needed still with the references. Added Acknowledgments. If I left your name out, please let me know. Everyone contributed (but Eli did not add GKs name.....). This is pretty much final unless we all decide to knock out five pages or so somehow.

Eli has reformatted the paper to fit the International Journal of Modern Physics B format. This includes moving the references to End Note. This may yield weirdness on your work processor.

This took some time, so no changes to the text since 2.6 (4/23 10 PM) have been made. Anything received since then will be integrated into the text tomorrow. It is probably not worth anyone's while to work on the references at this point as the in house bunnies have to go through them again.

At this point the authors have to decide what they want as addresses.

Next step is to go looking for permissions for some of the Figures.

Current version is 2.7

Adobe Acrobat and older versions available here


Anonymous said...

Misformats in Open office.

Typographically, I shudder. Try to make the HUGE texts in some of the figures a little smaller. Re-do Figs. 5 and 6 with a vector graphics editor (I can do that if there's interest), and stretch Fig. 7 vertically. That will help a bit. Ah well, I suppose it's a hopeless cause in a Microsoft-infested world.


Joel said...

By the way, one comment on formatting at least for the version that we submit to the preprint archive: I would strongly recommend removing the journal title and "World Scientific" part on the first page until such time as it is accepted by the journal, just to avoid any accusation that we are misleading people as to its status with that journal. And, indeed, at this point our manuscript is not copyrighted by them.

After all, there are surely people out there who would very much like to create false controversies in order to distract from the scientific points.

EliRabett said...

yeah well, World Scientifric (sic) has a MSWord template they want you to use. It all disappears if this goes to arXiv. I will check the figures tonite.

Hank Roberts said...

Open Office gives a

Macros security warning; any need for them to be enabled, or included?

"Get Info" on the file.

Hank Roberts said...

> Eli Rabett. et al.

... Rabett, et (comma)


Close the quote: ... GREENHOUSE" ?


> We address these below
(needs a period after "below")

> Line spacing changes between these
... conclusions of GT09.
The rest of GT09 ...

Oh well, these are probably on your little list already. Backing away...

Hank Roberts said...

> Leverson

EliRabett said...

AFAEK the macors travel with the World Scientific template, so they probably don't need to be activated.

Jim Prall said...

You've got a typo in an author's name, both in the body text and in footnote 7: JS Von Storch's co-author is named Imkeller but you have added an "S" to make "Imskeller" (a string with zero hits on google!)

-- BirdBrainymous

P.S. I'm trolling your footnotes for any other names not already in my List of Climate Authors - shOCKingly, neither G nor T had blipped on my radar up to now.

Their scores: abysmal (i.e. way down at the bottom). Gerlich put out a few papers in the 70s that have single-digit citation counts.

Mr. T has a few more cites - too bad he's not H.D. Tscheuschner, who has published more apetizing titles such as "Instrumental texture studies on chocolate IV: comparison between instrumental and sensory texture" in the presigious Journal of Texture Studies (mmmmmmm - ahhhhh).

The present masterwork has accumulated FIVE cites since 2007 (we shall soon boost this by 20%!)

Jim Prall said...

One more minor typographical tidbit: in footnote 24, the list of editors of Climate Change 2007 has last-name, first-initial for everyone except "M.Tignor" - it looks like that should be swapped around to say "Tignor, M."

-- birdbrainymous

Anonymous said...

@footnote 7: Write small "v" in Jin-Song von Storch.

The misspelled Imkeller lead me to a very interesting math book. Thanks!

wrrrr... that pysicists' vice of not telling a paper's title.
Now if footnote 5 doesn't reduce this ad completissimum absurdum, wrrrrrr...!!!

Heck, I'm sure not the only one who better recognizes papers by their title, not the journal number mumbo.

Could you folks perhaps in a revolutionary act end this ridiculousily superfluous parsimony (see [5]) and add the f'n paper titles?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hank.

I would be very happy to have my name appear in a peer-reviewed journal. I've only had one paper pass peer review so far, and it never got printed because I couldn't afford $3,600 for the page costs.

Hank Roberts said...

So, it's the weekend -- any use having us to continue to nitpick through v2.8, or look for a 2.9?

We can of course go back to picking at liver of opportunity elsewhere and report back.

Joel said...

I think we should aim to send it off to IJMPB soon. No doubt their rigorous refereeing process will uncover any remaining faults. (Okay, that 2nd sentence was a joke but I was serious in the 1st one.)

Hank Roberts said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Arthur said...

Hank - wow, Kramm wrote a 22 page "comment" on my 9-page paper? How amusing :-) Methinks he doth protest too much.

Anonymous said...
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