Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Cato Institute has one of them

Via Corante, news of a Sokol generator for computer science papers. Already has a long CV...

A Case for Clausius's Law

Ralf Tscheuschner and Gerhard Gerlich


Many physicists would agree that, had it not been for multicast heuristics, the evaluation of the imaginary greenhouse effect might never have occurred. In fact, few Nobel Prize winners would disagree with the construction of multi-processors, which embodies the intuitive principles of quantum electrodynamic theory. UreaCalling, our new algorithm for the proper classification of thermodynamic Feynmann diagrams, is the solution to all of these problems.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, that makes more sense than what T&G actually wrote about the greenhouse effect.

Anonymous said...

I think in the case of T&G, the algorithm would be more aptly termed "Diarrhea Calling".

InfernoJones said...

CO2 Levels May Have Been Over 2,000ppm in 1200AD

Unknown said...

Anonymous InfernoJones said...

CO2 Levels May Have Been Over 2,000ppm in 1200AD

8:54 AM

That's funny. How many people think that's a serious site?

bi -- International Journal of Inactivism said...

DenialDepot rocks.

-- bi

bluegrue said...

Dear Rabett,

look deep into my eyes and speak after me: "Must read the following links."

Primaklima's April Fools joke: Claude Allegre is to become French Minister of the Environment.
Primaklima's follow-upMarc Morano presenting the above as tentative truth, with a bit of hedging, on April 16th!