Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rabett droppings

The kami-kazi nature of modern media, where you no sooner slay an idiocy, than another idiot posts with the same idiocy leads to some shortness of temper.

The end - -


Anonymous said...

"Don't let the buggers grind you down" is a good maxim.

Sod that! There really are some right silly barstewards around: can't even use that brain cell they were born with they can't!

Cymraeg llygoden

Anonymous said...

The variety of wind involved is more broken than divine, IMHO. :)

But speaking of flatulence, we see that once again RP Sr.'s peculiar solipsism has kept him from working and playing well with others.

Actually the description of the process was very informative for a non-scientist. I suggest a post.

Anonymous said...

If you just quit eating the droppings, you will be OK, I promise. :)

Anonymous said...

"kamikaze." Literally, wind-spirit. Kami means god or spirit; a believer in Shinto worships "the eight million kami."

Anonymous said...

Hydra. They are the Hydra.

After chopping at the head, apply flame to the stump while evading the other heads w/their nasty sharp teeth.

Not easy.

Dano said...

I'm with ya, bruddah.



Horatio Algeranon said...

Stupid is as stupid does