Monday, January 19, 2009

Nominations are open

HE Taylor has long helped those of us who "sip from the internet firehose",** providing a weekly listing of all the climate blogging and news fit to read. This appears on Coby Beck's Illconsidered, as well as HET's own site. What could be better than the page title:

Another Week of Climate Disruption News
Information overload is pattern recognition

This week he introduces a new category
We have a new entry in the unofficial stick-n-stones call-a-name contest -- Denier-Industrial-Complex Kooks (DICKs), which joins such fine entries as septics, greenhouse mafia, permanently uninformed, carbon lobby, denialist, fossil fools, climate contrarian, biostitutes, the Slick 60 Climate Change Denial Gang, delusionists, climate cranks, bellignorant, delusionosphere, denyosphere and Warmocaust Collusionists:
Eli rather prefers the dignified denialist, pushing this for the last 10 years or so.

Michael Tobis has a sighting

Have at it bunnies.

** Coby's description


Anonymous said...

"Denier-Industrial-Complex Kooks"

lol. Kim and et al we are laughing at you

Anonymous said...

Alas, like the listing itself, I can't even take credit for "sipping from the internet firehose", that is HET's own description.

FWIW, my favorite has always been "fossile fools" but in blogging I tend to use "denialist" almost exclusively. I do use "skeptic" on occasion, when pretending to be all friendly and reasonable.