Thursday, December 18, 2008

It takes a village

Blogs are culturally similar to science. You interact with people you seldom (or even never) meet. Some you like, some you hate most you ignore. Some repeat themselves forever, others move on and you hear about them from other friends who have visited or you pick up on a conversation you started two years ago as if nothing happened.

Australia has a passel of bloggers, and one Eli has always enjoyed is the Lab Lemming. Chuck gave up climate blogging and the sheltered life running a high res mass spec to head into the Outback as an exploration geologist and blog on rocks, but times are hard and evidently there is too much uranium on the market, so he was let go and is blogging about it

After about a month it looks like he has picked up a temporary contract. Eli doesn't know if there is anything he can do, but would be happy to help. He is sure that many here are of the same opinion.

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Horatio Algeranon said...

Eli comments Some [blogs] you like, some you hate most you ignore.

...and some you sing songs about:

I'm dreaming of a Watt Christmas...