Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eli is a bit burnt out

Things have been frantic the last few weeks at Rabett Labs, and Eli is a bit frazzled. Don't look for anything until Monday. A happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US.


Sparrow (in the coal mine) said...

Have a good break. Hope the rest does you good.

Anonymous said...

Toughen up you whimpy socialist thickshit.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your turkey and festivities!

Anonymous said...

Where should we send your holiday gift?

Hank Roberts said...

Hey, I didn't mean to suggest _you_ were a stuffed rabbit (grin).

Here's an oddball thought for the holidays. Any chance we're injecting methane-eating bacteria into underground petroleum reserves by drilling wells? It'd be unfortunate if the petroleum industry started getting CO2 instead of natural gas out of the ground, after a few microbes got into the strata. Just a thought.

I noticed this in a ScienceExpress newsbit today:

"It is the hardiest “methanotrophic” bacterium yet discovered, which makes it a likely candidate for use in reducing methane gas emissions from landfills, mines, industrial wastes, geothermal power plants and other sources.

“This is a really tough methane-consuming organism that lives in a much more acidic environment than any we’ve seen before,” said Dunfield, who is the lead author of the paper. “It belongs to a rather mysterious family of bacteria (called Verrucomicrobia) ....”

Methanotrophic bacteria consume methane as their only source of energy and convert it to carbon dioxide during their digestive process.....
--- end excerpt---