Friday, October 12, 2007


If you google

Gore nobel 2007
seven hours after the prize was awarded you get 3,490.000 hits. Substitute IPCC for Gore and you get 398,000. That means there are probably ~3,000,000 denialist wingnut heads that have exploded. Please watch your step.


Anonymous said...

170,000 for "gore nobel arafat"
175,000 for "gore nobel kissinger"

Conclusion: the rightwingers are still in shock and their fingers are not all working yet. I expect "gore nobel arafat" to show much growth in the next few hours.

Unrepentant old hippie predicted the arafat appearance.

Horatio Algeranon said...

I expect "gore nobel arafat" to show much growth in the next few hours.'

Or just "Gore Nobel fat"

“The Hockey Stick’s broken,
Al Gore is fat,
and CO2 lags temp.
What say you to that?”

Anonymous said...

One more
Prize for Gore

"gore nobel fat" gets 94,600 hits.

"gore nobel arafat" is now down to 47,900. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

guthrie said...

The sad thing is that I don't expect their heads to explode at all. What will happen will be a re-wiring of their brains, with the nobel prize committee put firmly into the category of "leftie hippies who want to destroy what makes the USA great".

Anonymous said...

"re-wiring of their brains"

Doesn't that require that they be wired in the first place?

All I see from the denialist crowd these days are lone neuron's firing pretty much at random -- like fireflies on a summer's night.

Anonymous said...

Rabbett, I don't know where you get 3.5 million hits for "Gore nobel 2007".

Like most of your wascally work, its way off.

From Google at 7:30PM EST

Results 1 - 10 of about 705,000 for Gore nobel 2007. (0.18 seconds)

I doubt 2/3 of 3.5 million Google hits, each representing some phrase or phrases on a web page disappered in 8 hours.

Maybe you are inflating numbers like the Goreacle did.

Anonymous said...

The numbers for "gore nobel arafat" went down fairly quickly as well. Maybe it's because people were reading their morning news and so large numbers read about it early, then moved on.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of "sour grapes" comments linking Gore with Arafat, for winning the peace prize. I guess they forgot about Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, the 14th Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer, ...

Anonymous said...

A lot of the nuttiest comments come from the libertarian types like Jesse Walker, managing editor of Reason magazine (surprise, surprise):

"My advice to anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of Linus Pauling and the Dalai Lama is to fuse approaches two ["Start an international organization"] and three ["Kill a lot of people, then stop"]. Start an NGO devoted to murder and mayhem—something on the SPECTRE/Al Qaeda/Medellin Cartel model—and then agree to a truce."

Why any self-respecting magazine would print such juvenile crap is beyond me. It reads like something out of a junior high newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rabett, brain still fully functional and not exploded.

What is funny is you faith warmers throwing dodgy figures around(in fact par for course really) and thinking I worry who gets a peace prize. Will Gore now go and increase his carbon foot print and fly over and collect the prize.

You faith warmers really are a riot.

C'mon Dano, say a few words.

Even better than best

Thomas Palm said...

Results 1 - 10 of about 3,640,000 for Gore nobel 2007. (0.22 seconds)

174,000 for gore nobel arafat

It's a mystery how these numbers can fluctuate so violently.

Anonymous said...

It's no mystery.

It's google.

Do some experiments. You may be surprised how inconsistent their search results are (sometimes from one minute to the next).

I have done searches where one website appeared in the number one rank in one hour and soon thereafter disappeared entirely from the rankings (not even on the tenth page!)

I think it is largely dependent on which google server happens to be servicing your search request.

Then again, maybe not.

Only google knows (or maybe not)

google is vastly over-rated, in my opinion. It's basically a popularity contest, at any rate, since it is primarily based on links.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that ISPs/server manufacturers are taking a lesson from this.

That is: how much more will the howling from Wingnuttia on The Internets be if Hillary is elected president? Surely hardware/throughput folks are making arrangements...



Anonymous said...

One must maintain some context here.

The wingnut comments rabidly attacking Gore on blogs are coming from sociopaths.

These people are not representative of anything in our society. In the pre-internet age, no one paid them any mind (In fact, years ago, we locked them up in asylums).

Anonymous said...

"You faith warmers really are a riot."

Actually, the new term now that Gore is developing an Army to get us all "re-educated" will be:


Anonymous said...

sociopaths like the last commenter.

Anonymous said...

You guys have no clue how the google search algorithm works.

Gore and nobel 2007 and presidental
run is 900K.

Nut roots spooging themselves

Anonymous said...

Gore Nobel 2007 saving planet

about 600K

Other words to try to see the meaninglessness of this excercise.

Gore Nobel 2007:

Penis enlargement
man love

Go do those.

Anonymous said...

One of the all-knowing Google script kiddies (anon 4:49) just chimed in to save the day.

Thank God!

Anonymous said...

man love

Go do those."

You first.

Anonymous said...

Didn't use google (used, and came up with the following numbers:

Gore nobel 2007: 208,000

Gore movie lies: 264,000

That shows a clear leader...