Monday, October 01, 2007


Jennifer Marohasy sheds the usual climate croc** tears for Pat Michaels, no longer UVa Climatologist and Eli gets mixed into the middle of it. He tried to post over there, but the guardians are chewing over his entrails and it was such a good thing that it bears repeating

Just to be clear, Eli has always been in favor of the State Climatologist Program, and has always said that it should be a fully funded program run by NOAA. What we got now is a bunch of folk jackassing a different program in each state by scratching up support when and where they could find it. When UVa was forced to pony up the funding, they said no thanks, see you later. This has a lot more to do with the sorry state of base science funding in the US than with Pat Michaels.

If you want to see Eli's views on State Climatologists you can in comments 14, 24, 29, 34, 47, 52, 60 and 64 on RP Sr.'s blog (now just an archive). You will be impressed by the non support the program has among the climate croc denialist crowd. As the Rabett said:

However, there are many places where the State Climatologist was simply appointed by a university Department Chair, often someone who managed to scare up the funding. Very often there are ad hoc arrangements. To the extent that State Climatologists represent themselves as speaking for an agency of the state on a policy matter they are bound by the policy of the state.
and, among other things
As for the State Climatology program IEHO it was a bad mistake for NOAA to have defunded it in the seventies. AASC would be a very good thing if, together with NOAA, it results in a unified data reporting system leaving enough room for special state interests.
Lord the kid can write. You know, practically no one, including RPSr. was at all interested in fully funding the State Climatology offices except yours truly. NONE of the regulars, including RP hisself cared about putting the State Climatology Offices onto a permanent safe footing, which made it crystal clear that they wanted the issue and not the solution. Fast forward to the surface sites harrumphing and you see the same thing. These are climate crocs** folks.

**To paraphrase Steve Pastis about our crocs, they are proud members of Mora Fora Meea, a fraternity dedicated to the destruction of every one but them, the crocodiles are our blogging neighbors. Stupid, slow and barely articulate, these particular crocodiles are a disgrace to their species.

Aethon has a new name and a new food source


Anonymous said...

Wow! I hadn't realized the flakiness of all this, at least in part because CA has an actual office of the state climatologist:,
part of the Department of Water Resources a very serious entity here.

Dano said...

Crocs are actually very fast for a short period of time.

Nonetheless, the crocodile tears metaphor is apt.

I'll let you know what kind of tears I shed about the Atkins HR after the game is over.



(lifelong Tiger fan)

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I propose that we convert all the climate crocs (tears and all) into comfy shoes and then use the profits to keep State Climatologists Programs afloat across this great nation of ours!

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Ethon or Aethon,
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Equal to me then,
Like I-ther or E-ther.

EliRabett said...

AEthon is down in Australia hunting climate croc liver, by Cynthia has the right attitude.

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Jennifer Marohasy

That link is dead.

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Thanks. Think I fixed it

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