Monday, June 18, 2007

Something new

Something new. Three of us, Tamino, Maribo and Eli, have joined together to mob blog. Mob blogging, maybe our invention but Eli doubts we can patent it, brings together a group with similar interests, climate in this case, and creates a set of posts, one or more on each participating blog, about the same general subject, different aspects, linked together in time and purpose. As a first topic, we have chosen the carbon cycle. All of us encourage comments and discussion. We will happily cross-post and feature comments that we think add value to the mob. There will also be a links to other resources on the carbon cycle that the mob and the mice thinks are really, really good.


Anonymous said...

Slick! :-)

Marion Delgado said...

okay, WTF is mob blogging? and are you claiming it evolved by random chance? it seems irreducibly complex yet cyclical, hence it cannot be anthropogenic, either. perhaps the great intelligence which designed the universe - including SUVs - is blogging through you.

Didn't you ever watch "Chariots of Fire" Eli?

Anonymous said...

Good plan!

How about a standard header for each mob blog post (similar to the header tamino has for his CO2 post)

Dano said...

I second the standard header motion.



Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get Exxon to sponsor a PR firm to do a better logo for your mob - now that they admit AGW and are good guys, I'm sure they will give you money!
The current one looks a little patchy. :)

-Flavius Collium

Anonymous said...

Eli, Could you please explain why a part of the CO2 emissions must remain in the atmosphere "forever"?

Do you have a rationale for the used constants in your spreadsheet?

Marion Delgado said...

Mr. Rabett, I think the xls file in your mob blog is not useable - it says read-only (which shouldnt be a problem?) and won't open. It also says "a server is denying this file"

EliRabett said...

The constants in the first few models are simply arbitrary. The constants in the linear model come from the mass balance in the picture of the carbon cycle as explained in the text and in the spreadsheet called equilibrium. They are checked by assuming equilibrium in the absence of a fossil source. The constants in the final two models start with those given in
and adjusting for equilibrium in the absence of a fossil source. Thought I was clear about that

As I said, this was illustrative, to give the mice a feel. You want real/better, go to Archer's model or one of the others I referenced.

EliRabett said...

Marion, I will check that tonight