Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hi Climate Auditors

Since you appear to be coming in here, Eli and the anonymice would be happy to exchange comments with you. We appear to have intermittent and strange problems posting over there and frankly life is too short, and the weather too fine to try and fix the broken Audit filter. And so to bed.

UPDATE: TAC asks me to post some comments here on what Steve posted. Since it is late, Eli will simply point to the de Bilt site which discusses the adjustments and has links to papers that discuss the adjustments. I am sure Steve will now read them. This particular page was not linked by Steve nor Hans Erren directly.

Technical description
Corrections have been made for:
  • relocation combined with a transition of large open hut to a wooden Stevenson screen (September 1950).
  • relocation of the Stevenson screen (August 1951).
  • lowering of Stevenson screen from 2.2 m to 1.5 m (June 1961).
  • transition of artificial ventilated Stevenson screen to the current KNMI round-plated screen (June 1993).
  • warming trend of 0.11°C per century caused by urban warming.
Please note the following:
  • the transition of the wooden Stevenson to a PVC Stevenson screen (August 1980) did not have a noticeable effect on the daily mean temperatures; consequently no corrections had to be applied.
  • from 1951 onwards, KNMI shifted from so-called climatological temperature measurements to synoptical measurements. However, the climatological measurements continued to 1970. For the 1951-1970 period these measurements may be considered as more reliable than the synoptical measurements. Therefore, in the homogenized series the climatological measurements extend to 1970.
  • the present version of the series may change as soon as new results come available from the efforts of KNMI to homogenize the temperature series of De Bilt on a daily base, taking into account weather-dependent corrections.

Links to papers can be found on the KNMI web page.


Green Scientist said...

Woo hoo!! Blog fight!! Posts at ten paces!

Stevie does seem to have the grumpies, though. He gets so terribly serious about these things.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the menopause?

Dano said...




EliRabett said...

Woo hoo!! Blog fight!! Posts at ten paces!

Exclude Eli out, we're headed to the beach looking at as much of the cute millifauna as Ms. Rabett allows. Dig those ears.

Anonymous said...

I love this comment on Climate Audit by Anthony Watts:

"The problem with these sites is that they are often volunteer. The old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly can apply to some, though many CWO’s take the job seriously."

One would think that he would not belittle the very group (volunteers) whom he is asking to go out and get the pictures for him. One would think, but apparently he did not before he said that.

Anonymous said...

Eli, Given the fact that the updated Labrijn series for De Bilt was already available since 1995, don't you think that somewhere down the line GHCN and GISS did a very sloppy job with their homogenisation adjustment QC?

EliRabett said...

Eli is seriously at the beach, but within those constraints, the GISS adjustments are based on a method they apply across the board, so they probably prefer to be uniform. Don't know enough about the GHCN homogenisation adjustments.

Anonymous said...

Could you please translate "millifauna" so a mere rattus norvegicus can understand it ?

For someone enjoying the beach, you were worringly present on the net for a few days. I hope it's warm enough to swim, bake, and relax. Personally I still enjoy digging in sand, and my kids provide a pleasant excuse.

EliRabett said...

Fancy, somewhere between an elephant and a bacteria. As to the beach it was great, and we ran into a bunch of tall ships visiting Norfolk w/fireworks so the nights were not spent sitting in front of a computer (a bit, yes. . . guilty, guilty, guilty)

Anonymous said...

I'm suprised there isn't a more ringing endorsement from Dano on these site inspections. I mean, it was his idea.