Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Saturday Night Eurovision Complaints Contest
This started from Atrios, but Eli now brings you a Eurovision Complaints Contest worth staying up Saturday night for. First, from the far north the

Helsinki Complaints Choir

Of course, what would a Complaints Choir contest be like without a bunch of Germans meckering merrily away

Hamburg Complaints Choir

and the Brits bitch as good as the best

The Birmingham Complaints Choir

but NO ONE complains like the Russians

The St. Petersburg Compliants Choir


Anonymous said...

Uh.. The St. Petersburg COMPLIANTS choir? They don't seem compliant.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was their compliant attitude that got them the support of the Ford Foundation. (Check the credits...) Is C++ so bad?

Anonymous said...

My browser lets me play them all simultaneously--now that's b*%@#*ng!