Thursday, March 01, 2007

Been there, done that...

Henry at Crooked Timber points to the denialists deck of cards, suitable for use in the tobacco, climate change, pollution or any controversy where private interests are trying to preserve their cheese. Eli has heard these arguments before, but so have you. Chris Hoofnagle packages them in a nice neat cellophane wrapper Down load the paper from you nearest mirror site (at the bottom of the page). Some of our faves are

No problem
Mere inconvenience
No harm
Wait and see
Nit pick
Muddy the waters
Exploit the ignorance of others
Temper tantrum
Fake consumer group
You're a ninny

Also take a look at dsquared's Whale Central Station


Anonymous said...

King of Clubs: "I'll sail away --
"Although implausible, many denialists will argue that the proposal at issue will cause them to leave the country and no longer do business in America."

We can always hope (and pray) that the AGW denialists will play that card -- and leave us a alone to suffer emissions cuts in peace. After all, leaving the country is the most productive contribution these people could make to the debate at this point.

But I won't hold my breath.

EliRabett said...

It's a global problem

EliRabett said...

This explains Bust telling NASA to go to Mars.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there's no need for them to leave the planet ...and go to Mars, Hell* or anywhere else.

If all the Denialists went to the North Pole -- with an ample supply of SPF 500 and wine, since that's what they like to drink (and do) --, they wouldn't bother anyone.

I doubt that the (hungry) polar bears would mind very much. (Wanna play chomp the chump?)

*Seems to me that telling astronauts to "go to Mars" is little different from telling them to "go to Hell".

EliRabett said...

There is the story of the hunter and the bear. The hunter wanted a nice bearskin to wrap himself in, the bear wanted lunch. They adjourned to the bear's den to discuss the matter and the bear came out with both wishes satisfied. But Eli digresses.

Anonymous said...

There are worse things than wearing a polar bear suit

Wearing a vulture suit, for example

...though I suppose even that could have its advantages: soaring for hours on end with nothing better to do than look for carrion (or is it carry on?)