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An inconvenient DVD

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth is available as a DVD and ranking #5 on Amazon. Rabett Run urges everyone to join into the customer reviews, We start with a positive view

Samuel Webber: When I was a child, people clapped at the end of movies -- we knew that the filmmakers wouldn't actually hear us, but we showed our appreciation nonetheless. Over the years, it seems that tradition has died out. I don't think I've heard anyone clap at the end of a movie for twenty-odd years. Until, that is, this afternoon.

The entire audience clapped at the end of "An Inconvenient Truth".
but praise is boring and rather letting our valued readers have to suffer through many positive reviews let us decend into Global Warming Skeptic Bingo territory.

Gentle Readers: The editors at Rabett Run are pleased to offer featured publication in the 191,498th ranked blog, to the BEST negative review of "An Inconvenient Truth" One that combines all the arguments that we have come to love and value from our denialist friends in a way that brings smiles to everyone.

To show you the difficult task you have read the rant of the year from daddydaddy:
daddydaddy "daddydaddy" : There are natural cycles and the sun is proven to be at a hotter stage at this time. Environmental propaganda is being used to hand over our National Parks to the United Nations. Think of the Democrats and Republicans as good cops and bad cops working for the Global Bankers -- their Masters. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned, International Banking Cartel. We need to investigate the effect of the HAARP program based in Alaska on our ozone. Don't be fooled. Our government is holding secret meetings and signing paperwork to form the North American Union. They seek to combine Canada, Mexico and the United States. Say goodbye to the Dollar and hello to the Amero! Remind anyone of the Euro? Wake up folks. Our media is owned by five companies and they are not watchdogs of Freedom. They are the lapdogs of the Global Elite. Turn your eyes away from the truth and you doom your children to a future Police State, chip implants and tyranny from a remote, Global Government. Stop and think a moment. We are being enslaved through incrementalism. We can't even tie a piece of string to a stick and dip it into the ocean without a license. I recently went through a road block at 10am during the work week where they were arresting people and towing vehicles. Their purpose to stop me? To see my Driver's License. "YOUR PAPERS PLEASE!" Investigate the claims of this DVD and you'll see for the most part is is bunk! Buy and watch Aaron Russo's "America Freedom to Fascism" if you really want a valid cause to fight for. Buy and watch "Terrorstorm" by Alex Jones for even further clarity. Our Liberty and our children's Liberty is at stake.
You don't see many of that quality on science oriented blogs. Clears the sinuses out. For those of you staring intently at your Climate Bingo cards, we have a few all around offerings that might help. Have your stampers ready:
John R. Linnell Al Gore's thirty-seventh attempt to reinvent himself, become relevent in today's culture and climb into the 2008 presidential race is, as you can see from the reviews here, being wildly received by The Left and all of their associated minions.

While the movie may be "incovenient", it has little relationship to the truth.

Inspite of predictions of global cooling many years ago from these same people, they have jumped off that horse and climbed on another.

It is true that the global average surface temperature of the planet incread by 0.6 degrees C. over the course of the 20th century. However if fossil fuel burning is responsible for this tiny increase, why does half of the "warm up" occur between 1900 and 1945. Why isn't there significant warming in the second half of the century when so much more fuel was being burned? Hmmmmm?

Yet, Gore & company warn of coastal flooding as the glaciers melt. The "inconvenient truth" is that while some glaciers are melting, others are not. Some are growing! Note the report in 2005 by Norwegian, Russian and American scientists that Greenland's ice is thickening and not melting. (Ola Johannessen, et al. "Climate Change." Science, November 2005)

"The Ice Caps are melting!! Sea levels will rise!!" Really? Such drivel shows a real lack of scientific understanding. Ice caps are after all, floating ice. Not a land mass. To see how water levels will rise try this little scientific experiment. Take a bowl. Fill it half full of water. Add a lot of ice cubes or a block of ice. Mark the level of the water once that is done. Let it melt. Note the water level has not risen because the ice melted. Duh!!

The predictions of global warming are based on computer models done by some scientists who have made a great living out of scaring the bejesus out of the rest of us. Those are the same type of models who told us in the 70's to prepare for global cooling and the return of the Ice Age. Just as figures don't lie and liars can figure, a computer model can be made to produce any desired outcome that the programmer wants. And the Gore crowd wants doom, gloom and disaster. Coming right up!!

There is no question that the Gore movie is an impressive piece of propoganda. If you accept what he says at face value you will become as hopelessly fearful as many of the reviewers on here. However, Orson Wells was similarly successful for a brief period of time with a Mercury Theater radio broadcast concerning a Martian invasion. He scared a lot of people who thought they were listening to the real thing. His radio broadcast had about as much scientific basis as Gore's doomsday predictions about global warming.
Huge Viking Al Gore is at it again with his liberal environmentalist whacko issues of the so-called global warming. We cannot say it's the truth, and it should only be based on theory. Global warming is only used by liberals as a scare tactic. Al Gore spent too much time growing up as a city slicker in Washington when his segregationalist daddy, Al Sr, was in the Senate. Gore only relies on data released by these so-called environmentalists.

If you really want to know better about the environment, it is not CO2 emissions that causes global warming. While CO2 is the heaviest gas in our atmosphere, all human and animal life exhale CO2 which is a beneficial gas that vegetation thrives on such as trees and plants that take in the CO2 and convert it back to oxygen. Also, the "warming" we are experiencing is due to the fact that climate changes occur in cycles. There have been record highs over one hundred years ago as well as record lows in between. The last few winters we've experienced were at record lows, particularly in upstate New York where temperatures dipped down to a fridgid -35ºF. Now what does that explain? In any part of the world climate does not remain stable where one would experience the same temperatures over and over again at a certain time of year since there are changes occurring all the time, it alternates.

Volcanic eruptions would be a very big problem since a single volcano can release nearly ten times more toxic gases than all manmade emissions throughout the world combined. Third world nations account for environmental problems where there are virtually no strict codes on hazardous waste disposal. Hence, disease is rampant in these nations that have very few or no sanitation facilities by dumping solid waste directly into drinking water or into the ocean where deep water coral reefs thrive. Yes, there are deep water reefs in many parts of the world that encapsulate CO2 and other gases. Pollutants dumped into the sea are killing these reefs, thus releasing these gases into the atmosphere.

True environmentalists are usually those employed by the logging industry that have done intense studies, maintaining nurseries, and replacing each hewned tree with two to four saplings. Younger trees, particularly saplings, thrive better on CO2 and have the tendency to release more oxygen than older specimens.

We can only say that Al Gore has a lot of learning to do. He's just jumping to conclusions and listening to whatever data is available to him. This film would only be based on his opinions and not on fact.
If, per chance, you need a few simply responses to get a winning line, here is the global cooling chip:
G. YoungerHow inconvenient that news this week reports that global warming on a scale we can't even imagine happened millions of years ago. Evidence of tropical temps in polar seabeds says that that this isn't the first time we have had global climate change. Al Gore is convincing and passionate. To bad he only used half the facts he needs for a complete presentation.

In the 1970's there was a big uproar about global COOLING, what happened to the science behind that? Just because we get a well made argument, and a terrific film made, does not make it true.

That said we do need to learn to live lightly on our planet. We will effect the environment from living here, but can we minimize our effect? A noble and worthwhile cause.

If you want to believe that the byproducts of human occupation of this planet is evil, this presentation is for you. If you believe that we live in an evolving ecosystem, and that evolution changes the makeup of our world, you may not get much from this film. A logical environmentalist viewpoint.
And the sun is responsible box is well fit by
Dr. Serizawa If Earth's global warming is caused by increased CO2 emissions, then why are the icecaps of Mars disappearing?

Solar astronomers know why the earth is warming. Gore is an idiot who flunked out of college.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." -HL Mencke
If you need a "Mars is warming" box:
A. Gillette:I certainly enjoyed this movie and I think it's worth seeing. But after some investigation, the reason I only give it 3 stars is for this little known scientific fact: Not only is Earth heating up, all of the other planets in the solar system are heating up as well, as are so are many other planets in the vicinity. If this is true, than our man made CO2 emissions aren't the major reason for the heating of the planet. The question would be "What is?". It is not helpful to deny the glacial melting, as is very obvious by satellite photos. Everyone should also be aware that "they" are about to make you pay a national "global warming tax." I find that interesting, don't you? But still you should see the movie and make up your own mind. Even if C02 emissions aren't the most prominent cause for global warming, that doesn't mean we can keep polluting the air we breathe.
Here is the glaciers are not melting:
Raymond E. Pellerin "Real American" ("A Real American" Watching this kind of junk science and half truths makes one think of Hitler's so called "master race". Bending facts and history to push your political views is something Hitler and Gore have in common for sure. This movie also makes it clear just why Al Gore lost the 2000 election as this film is further proof he is a left wing extremist who plays on slow witted peoples fears. You would have to be confused by punching holes in paper to buy any of this nonsense.

Case in point Gore talks about how many cubic tons of ice are melting off the edge of one particular glacier. Not only is this purely anecdotal "evidence" of global warring it has been roundly discredited. Glaciers are always melting as they move south if they did not the Earth would be one giant ball of ice. The real "Inconvenient Truth" is that the glazieries are GROWING faster then they are melting.
The scientists are on the take:
D. Lafleur "HemiDave"The 'facts' that Gore are dated, discredited and in some cases, downright fraudulent. Do your own research and you will see that this is the case. An overwhelming number of scientists that DO NOT have a federal grant or research dollars at risk do not agree with the conclusion of this film (I just can't force myself to call it a documentary...) Don't waste your time with this propaganda and attempt to get you to agree to even MORE taxes!!

If you want to see a worthwhile documentary, see TerrorStorm by Alex Jones
Volcanos emit more CO2 than man (with a bonus new idea!!)
J. BiermanWhy, if this is such a dire time for global warming, would you have to pay to learn about it? Al Gore advocates a global tax for global warming, and you think that's going to help?

One more thing to think about: When a volcano explodes, it releases more CO2 than all of our cars combined in a year. Do research, don't be blind.

What can you say about someone like AL Gore who see natural cycles of the Earth that have been going on for millions of years and see a threat when at the same time he and his party are protecting the right of terrorists.

This is junk science and playing on peoples fears. Go ahead and rent it along with your favorite Chicken Little story. It is intended for the same audience except for the fact the children understand child fiction when many adults don't.
It's a big internet out there.


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