Saturday, November 18, 2006

Eli is not always a dull bunny.....

Things being much too serious hereabouts, the Rabett Run staff have gone out for a beer. Before they left they found me this:

Problem: To Catch a Deer in the woods

1. Mathematical Methods
1.1 The Hilbert (axiomatic) method
We place a locked cage onto a given point in the woods. After that we introduce the following logical system:

Axiom 1: The set of deers in the woods is not empty.
Axiom 2: If there exists a deer in the woods, then there exists a deer in the cage.
Procedure: If P is a theorem, and if the following is holds:"P implies Q", then Q is a theorem.
Theorem 1: There exists a deer in the cage.
It goes downhill from there to
3.1 The thermodynamics method
We construct a semi-permeable membrane which lets everything but deers pass through. This we drag through the woods.
Have a look:)

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