Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Apologia pro vita sua Eli Rabett....

Wacki asked whether I refer to me in real life as you. This is actually a profound question having a lot to do with this blog. When I decided to step back from real life in virtual media a major reason was that me as me had feelings and people and things I cared about. The real me can be very much that way. Eli on the other hand is a six foot pookah who has a charming way with technology and the bunnies. (I have no objection that he is taller than I am). You can't really insult a fuzzy, and anyhow Rabetts have a hard time taking any insult seriously. After all if some bozo or bozette wants to waste four letter electrons on reaming out an imaginary creature, why should I as me do anything but smile. Eli, he just pulls out another carrot.

On the other hand Eli does not have to tell any social lies either.

Makes for a much better life.

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