Sunday, September 17, 2006

The clock runs out on Tim Ball.....

Tim Ball has sued Dan Johnson for defamation in a letter published April 23, 2006 in the Calgary Herald. Ball wrote to the defendants (not clear if this includes Johnson) May 11, 2006. The writ was issued September 1 in Calgary.

What follows is in the spirit of the Holiday Inn Express Lawyer Association of American.

UPDATE2: Over at DeSmogBlog Richard Littlemore states that

... we have it on good authority that notice was served well within the allowable time limit.

And indeed he did.

As they say, nevermind. Gotta stop going to the Holiday Inn. In the interest of keeping things clear I am taking this post down.


Anonymous said...

why do you think Ball has to justify anything ? The onus will be on Johnson to justify what he wrote.

I don't understand your emphasis on the junior lecturer point, and the publication record seems to me to be irrelevant to the main thrust of the action.

EliRabett said...

The onus is for the plaintiff to prove the claims. That is why the plaintiff presents first.