Saturday, September 30, 2006

As Wm Connolley said......

on one occasion, sometimes you have to rescue stuff from comments on other blogs because not everyone reads comments. On Andrew Dessler's blog

Mark UK said... The skeptics use the same tactics all the time. For a very good satire on these skeptics here's a link to the "the moon is not real" page:
This continues a growing tradition of denialist translation.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Eli,

in Science reputedly if you cannot see, touch or measure something it does not exist - so tomorrow does not exist until it arrives.

Sceptics reputedly even if you can see, feel or measure it does not exist - so does that mean sceptics believe tomorrow already exists?

Since scientists can predict Climate change in a tomorrow that does not yet exist

Sceptics question both the existance or non-existance of tomorrow.
Sceptics question both the existance or non-existance of climate change.

Climate Change Scientists should make a case against Global warming, and let sceptics make the case to oppose them, effectively making the case for Global warming and man's influence on its immediate environment (here & now)

Anonymous said...

I just find it amazing that there is so little debate on climate change. Within climate science there are plenty of things to discover and discuss. Yet, these deniers are of such low quality, like a five year old with the fingers in the ears.... You can't get a decent well argued sentence out of them.. I just wonder how you become like that? A guy like Inhofe actually appears to believe in what he says. Either way I certainly see a changed attitude in my travels to the US. Most people I speak to accept the reality of climate change and would like something to happen. They like to see some leadership from their politicians. That appears to be true for both Dems and Reps I talk to. These deniers are trying to hold the ocean by blowing against the tide. Lets just hope that our leaders take action in time...

Anyway, the donut conspiracy is also a good one that site. Keep up the good work!