Saturday, December 11, 2021

Parchuting in again

Have had things to blog about, and then didn't blog them. Oh well - I at least want to add a mention of this renewable energy podcast, The Interchange, for referencing one of my obsessions. They said that it could be internal combustion engine owners rather than EV owners that experience range anxiety rather than EV owners as gas stations become hard to find during the transition to EVs. Unfortunately they only referenced it as something that could kill off ICE engines at the tail end of the transition. I still think the deterioration of ICE support infrastructure could accelerate the transition at an earlier stage. We'll see.

 While I'm here, here's a piece of good news I meant to blog about, "North Carolina’s Democratic governor and its Republican-controlled Legislature have reached a deal on a sweeping energy bill that could dramatically boost renewable electricity in the state." Along with the semi-bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed and had renewable energy and EV components, there may be some slight chance to de-polarize actions that help fight climate change.

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