Wednesday, October 07, 2020

California ballot measure recommendations


 Prop. 14 - No. I supported the original stem cell funding by California in 2004 when it appeared the federal government was cutting it off, but I don't see why California should do it now. I also don't like to tie the hands of the state legislature unless there's either a very good reason or regulatory capture. This proposition, btw, seems like the only one that's hard to decide.

Prop. 15 - Yes. The original Prop. 13 from the 1970s is why California public schools dropped from among the best to among the worst in the US. This Prop. 15 lifts the limit on commercial property.

Prop. 16 - Yes. We need to do more for diversity.

Prop. 17 - Yes. Protects voting rights for formerly incarcerated.

Prop. 18 - Yes. Allows 17-year olds to register when they'll be 18 at the time of the election.

Prop. 19 - Yes. Strips massive inherited wealth protections. Also opposed by Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association, which means it's probably a good idea.

Prop. 20 - No. We need to reduce prison populations, not increase them.

Prop. 21 - Yes. Let local governments experiment and decide whether rent control is a good idea, or not, and this still limits the rent control that would be allowed.

Prop. 22 - No. I probably should spend more time on this, but we should protect gig workers. Anyway I believe the state legislature could do this if it turns out it's needed.

Prop. 23 - No. Lots of campaign money being spent on this, but I don't think voters should be making dialysis management decisions. Also looks like a power play by doctors.

Prop. 24 - No, No, No. Looks like a total scam that pretends to protect privacy while doing the opposite. Opposed by ACLU. This stuff makes me mad. (UPDATE: but see I'm still inclined against, but this softens the picture to make it complex.)

Prop. 25 - Yes, and be careful, it's a referendum. The California legislature replaced the bail bond system with one much less racist and classist. The bail bond industry put this referendum on the ballot. Voting yes preserves the state reform. Note some liberal groups oppose it on the basis it doesn't go far enough, but further reforms could be done later.

And for San Francisco and South Bay voters

Measure RR - Yes, save Caltrain, it was very successful before covid and will be again. (Disclosure: I live next to a Caltrain station.)

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Leliko said...

Looks like I made almost the same choices. I differed on Prop 24 because I thought voting "Yes" made sense to protect consumer privacy. And of course it's YES for saving Caltrain!