Monday, March 30, 2020

In Memorium Philip Anderson

Philip Warren Anderson Philip W Anderson American physicist Britannicacom

Philip Anderson has died at the age of 96. Worshiped (not too strong a word) by physicist of the condensed matter tribe, Anderson was also the father of Susan Anderson, an old (and missed) friend of Rabett Run to whom Eli and Brian extend their condolences in this time of her sorrow and difficulty.

Philip Anderson's Nobel Prize autobiography provides clues about him, his work and his life.


Victor Venema said...

That is sad. Susan if you read this, my condolences.

Philip Anderson did not only work on condensed matter, I know him from his work on emergence in complex systems. The climate system is a complex system.

Joel said...

Sad...but he certainly had a long and very productive life.

He was my "academic grandfather", i.e., my PhD advisor's advisor. I have to admit that I only actually met him once though.


Be of good courage, Susan. So great a heart will not be soon forgotten