Sunday, August 11, 2019

August 11 and the Northwest Passage Is Open

A week or so ago, Eli noticed that for a mere  $28,824 per person the Hurtigruten were organizing a cruise through the Northwest Passage (details at the link) the question being whether they would be able to make it, and in particular through the narrow passage near Fort Ross.

Any bunny who has put down their money need never fear, the way is open

and the only remaining question is when it will be possible to circumnavigate Greenland.  Too soon Eli thinks.


Old_salt said...

I used to tell my global change class in the 90's that I had doing a cruise through the northwest passage on my bucket list, and I would probably be able to do it. Now I can, if I can dig up $30k for the ride.

Unknown said...

When told about this Ms. Rabett threatened to go down to the sea and the hell with the bank account.


The Passage ain't proper open til some swab makes it under sail in something larger than the last Hobie Cat to make it.


Since the passage is open, and she's already on a fast boat, maybe Miss Thunberg should skip Manhattan and sail northwest to Chile and COP 25.