Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Eli Takes a Bow

While Eli is not the world's most accurate news source, allow the Bunny to take a bow.  Back in July 2016 the observant readers read

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These questions include why the US Congress is not mounting a full bore investigation into why the Russians are "helping" Mr. Trump out.  There is a good argument that without Russian money Trump is flat broke and two of the advisors closest to him, Paul Manafort and Carter Page, are mobbed up with Putin.  Eli uses the term mobbed up with intent.  Russia is not an autocracy, it is a kleptocracy.

Ms Rabett, who has some experience in such matters on the compliance side of the fence, points out that money laundering violations define the expensive real estate market in places like NY and SF, as brokers have accept money from peculiar sources.  It is certain that the Trump Organization has accepted the money.  What is not certain until law enforcement serves papers, is whether they did their due diligence and reporting.  Eli suspects not, and if systematically done, which Eli suspects so, that is a RICO violation.

Eli must also ask whether Wikileaks is a front for Russian intelligence. Julian Assange more or less admitted that with the usual, you can't prove it That puts a different twist on a whole bunch of things they have done in the last five years.  Or perhaps they are just stooges for the Russians, sort of like the dead end Bernie Bros.

This story is moving fast and the reaction of the Benghazi crazed Republicans in the US Congress will provide some interesting tales.  For example, Trump has conceded that his Russian "friends" were behind the hack.

Dear Lord.
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Rabett Run where you read it before it happens


jgnfld said...

Time for a little poetry?...

The ogre does what ogres can
Deeds quite impossible for man.
But one prize is beyond his reach
The ogre cannot master speech.

About a subjugated plain
Among its desperate and slain
The ogre stalks with hands on hips
While drivel gushes from his lips.

--W. H. Auden upon the Russian invasion of Czechoslovavia

Fernando Leanme said...

So Hillary's camping pays a retired British spy to dig dirt on Trump and he produces a goofy document with Russian help. Meanwhile Trump's campaign manager was laundering money he got from an Ukrainian Mafia. We are missing an Albanian dwarf and a Chinese millionaire to have the perfect plot for a Jack Reacher movie.

jrkrideau said...

Hey, the Jack Reacher novels are generally believable. What publisher is going to fall for this ridiculous a plot line.

Even Dan Brown would say it was too outlandish.

jgnfld said...

Great try, Fern!!!

If I pay James Bond to collect information on Russia I'm "colluding" with the Russians???!!! :-o

That's "logic" worthy of a climate denier!

Suwannee Dave said...

Fernando said: "So Hillary's camping pays a retired British spy to dig dirt on Trump and he produces a goofy document with Russian help..."

It sort of has an "Our Man in Havana" feel to it.


Eli must also ask whether Wikileaks is a front for Russian intelligence.

There's real bipartisan schadenfreude potential here, with Manafort & Co. on one side of K Street, and Podesta Bros. on the other, but I wonderwho leaked The Heartland Institute Red Team playbook ?


Fernando Leanme said...

Russell, don't forget the Wikileaks guy lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. This means the Ecuadorian regime has a lot of power over him. And Ecuador is an ally of the Mafia running Venezuela. This Mafia in turn gets a few billion now and then from the Russians, who keep the dictatorship alive to stick a finger in the USA's eyeball (in turn driven by USA hostility and rather stupid insistence that Crimea belongs to Ukraine, when as far as Russia is concerned Crimea is a key element in their national defense and happens to be inhabited by Russians.

This tells me that wiki guy is probably being handled by Russians who use him to discreetly put out information they want the public to see.


Gosh, Fernando, who knew Ecuadorian hackers were behind Climategate?
More importantly, what are you doing to foil the mad Madurista plan to end food shortages by making Eli's carrot eating relatives into the new Bolivarian Republic's national dish?

Toby said...

"Follow the Money" is the Deep Throat advice that sunk Nixon.

That is what Mueller looks to be doing.

Chances are the revelations will sink Trump too.

PurpleOzone said...

Snow Bunny says:
I have wondered where Trump got the money to rebound after his 1990's disasters. The poor man was persecuted by the banks who put him on a tight monthly allowance, less than $400K. He had tp sell his yacht and his airplane. I don't think he's a yacht guy anyway.

I suspect the oligarchs may have helped him to reboot. Perhaps the American banks didn't want to fund a guy who overpaid for the Trump tower, add to take a more expensive loan than planned and didn't manage it. Including trying to bargain down Frank Sinatra on his appearance on opening night. Frank's answer was short and crude. Frank and his buds played at another casino on opening night.
The official story is that T reinvented himself, by branding his name. Could be.

Then there's the Obama administration cutoff of economic deals after Putin swiped Crimea. Exxon Mobil has the only ship big enough to cut through the Arctic ice where Putin wants to drill.
It's possible Trump thought he could just order the Exec order canceled. But if Russia had meddled in our election, that would queer the deal. If there was one.

Just my random speculation. But it is unlikely that the cabinet collection of Climate Deniers -- with vested interests in fossil fuels -- happened at random. Or backing out of the Paris Agreement.