Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Why We Will March for Science in April

We will march for what we love, the thrill of discovery, the joy of understanding, and the benefits for all.


Kevin O'Neill said...

Have you been drinking again, Eli?

EliRabett said...

Never stopped.

But how do you explain what you do to family and friends. In 140 character pls.

Kevin O'Neill said...

I don't have a 140 character limit. I use phone or email. A two or three hour phone conversation is not uncommon with family or friends.


"We will march for what we love, the thrill of discovery, the joy of understanding, and the benefits for all."

That pretty much limits the march to the Spring outing route Theodore Roosevelt imposed on Washington guests he thoght in need ov vigorous exercise.

Arriving at a designated spot in Rocky Creeek Park, they were exhorted to proceed two miles in a dead sraight line , climbing uver and across every obstacle, boulder and fallen tree to the Potomac, whence , their clothes being transported by a Secret Service canoe, they would swim to the islet in midstream where a picnic lunch awaited them.

This often had a comic effect, for while his friends knew they should wear their stoutest clothing, members of the diplomatic corps might appear in formal gear.

Ssuch was the case the first time the French ambassador appeared, but he gamely followed TR across the rocky terrane , loosing his silk top hat and splitting his frogged coat an the process of getting to the river bank, where he found the Presedent and the rest of the party in the process of stripping naked to swim the river.

The ambassador , being the new doyen of the Washington diplomatic corps, naturally followed his host's example, and prepared to enter the water , TR glanced at the otherwise naked Frenchman, and noticed that he was still wearing the gloves he started out with:

" Monsieur, may I ask why you are still wearing violet kidd gloves?"

"Monsieur President! What if we meet the ladies ?"

Fernando Leanme said...

I will tell my friends to march holding up signs which say "Help Ines Gonzalez Arraga escape from Venezuela". Ines has a PhD in chemistry and was jailed for criticizing the dictatorship. She needs medical treatment. I bet that if we get 10,000 holding up these signs the regime will let her go. Ines is also known as @inesitaterrible

Oale said...

Interesting exercise for foreigner... My sign would probably have something like "Reporters! Use correct words! It's not 'USA' but 'Trumpistan'!" I'd probably get shot.

Steve Bloom said...

Didn't put diversity up front, Eli? The kids and their ideologically-captured social science professors will be all over you! ;)

Bernard J. said...
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Bernard J. said...

"Eli Rabett, a not quite failed professorial techno-bunny who finally handed in the keys and retired from his wanna be research university. The students continue to be naive but great people and the administrators continue to vary day-to-day between homicidal and delusional without Eli's help. Eli notices from recent political developments that this behavior is not limited to administrators. His colleagues retain their curious inability to see the holes that they dig for themselves. Prof. Rabett is thankful that they, or at least some of them occasionally heeded his pointing out the implications of the various enthusiasms that rattle around the department and school. Ms. Rabett is thankful that Prof. Rabett occasionally heeds her pointing out that he is nuts. "

I go to ground for a short spell and suddenly Eli goes emeritus, or similar.

Do keep away from the blankies, Brere Prof...

Robert P. said...

American Physical Society endorses the March: https://www.aps.org/about/marchforscience.cfm


Given that the largest organization of Concerned Scientists is twice is size of the unconcerned ones , its members orchestration of the institutional rush to join the march is fairly underwhelming.

(The AAAS gets left out the head count because libraries don't have feet, and you can't get your copy of Science without joining its ranks.)

EliRabett said...

ACS endorsed the March (157K members)
AGU (60K members)
APS (26K members)
OSA (20K members)
FASEB (126K members)

and lots more

Suck on that Russell


Here's a carrot for Eli's julep- one of the advantages of being a bunny is that Elmer Fudd always aims between the ears of a knitted pink camouflage hat..



The odd thing about the ACS, AGU, APS, AAAS,and OSA stats ( yes, Eli, I've belonged to them all) is that none could be bothered to ask the members before telling them they were on the political firing line