Friday, February 10, 2017


Eli has been slumming, but there is nothing new under the sun.  Roger Pielke Sr. demands, nay demands that people pay attention to him

Most of the issues raised in our papers have NOT been scrutinized. Where are the “many times?
There is a control on challenging information that given to us, the media and others that is not healthy to scientific objectivity. This extends to a range of other issues in climate science such as Judy Curry discussed in her most recent interview.

Some beg to differ
  • Roger,
    Most of the issues raised in our papers have NOT been scrutinized. Where are the “many times?
    So what? Again, just because YOU highlight some issues, doesn’t mean that they’re issues that others should scrutinise. Either – as you seem to be suggesting – there is some kind of conspiracy to not scrutinise these extremely important issues that you’re highlighting, or they’re not nearly as important as you seem to think they are.

    …and Then There’s Physics, I believe people with the credentials of Roger Pielke deserve responses on substantive scientific issues. NOAA/NASA ignoring scientific questions by responsible scientists is an indication of “circling the wagons,” in violation of the principle of open government.
    How in the world can you trust a secretive government?
  • Look, Eli is not exactly Roger’s friend, but this is simply an observation.
    People spent a lot of time looking at issues that Roger or, for example Peter Wadham raised and people thought after a while that a lot of that time was wasted and didn’t appreciate the responses they got
  • eli I have wasted years looking at roger’s issues.
    there is no there there.


jgnfld said...

I don't understand. What's keeping Roger from doing his own investigations of the issues he deems important?

David Appell said...

The Pielkes are permanently stuck in 5th grade, trying still to prove they are the smartest boy in the class.

Bernard J. said...