Friday, October 21, 2016

My Saturday Night Live skit excerpt


(Skit opens on the stage of the third Clinton-Trump presidential debate, in the middle of the debate)

TRUMP: Look, Putin...from everything I see, has no respect for this person.

CLINTON: Well, that's because he'd rather have a puppet as president of the United States.

TRUMP: No puppet. No puppet.

CLINTON: And it's pretty clear...

TRUMP: You're the puppet!

CLINTON: (pauses)

CLINTON: Trump is unfit, and he proves it every time he talks.

TRUMP: No, you are the one that's unfit.

CLINTON: (hesitantly) Donald is a tall, orange-faced man-gasbag who cheats his workers and assaults his wife?

TRUMP: No, you are the tall, orange-faced man-gasbag who cheats his workers and assaults his wife!

 CLINTON: (to audience)  Well, the next five minutes are going to be interesting.

(end excerpt)

It's interesting that other than mugging for the camera, a SNL skit could mostly use the actual debate dialog, like the vast majority of what's written above.

More from Kevin Drum, who called out the debate excerpts. 

In other news, I did my civic duty last weekend in Reno, going door-to-door for the Democrats. Keeping the Nevada Senate seat is crucial too. People were pretty friendly for the most part, so I recommend it as a good weekend activity.


Johnny Vector said...

[Zoom in on CLINTON]

CLINTON: Live from New York, It's Sa

[TRUMP shoves her out of frame]

TRUMP: No, Live from New York, you're Saturday Night!

[Music, opening titles]


Next time I see Alec at a party, I'll ask if he could play John Podesta with equal eclat in a Masters Of Disaster send up based on this gonzo Memo to the West Wing:

If it didn't exist , it would be necessary for Christopher Buckley to invent it !

Brandon R. Gates said...

It has been said that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Chalk me up as a believer.