Thursday, February 11, 2016

Walking and Gum Chewing

It is established science, policy and politics that coal is the black devil for climate change forcing in the wrong direction.  It is also clear that particulate, sulfate and mercury pollution from coal are about as healthy as a three pack a day habit and that there is humongous excess mortality, in the UK and US during the early to mid part of the last century and in China, India and the rest of the developing world now and into the future.  Beyond the obvious (see picture of Beijing to the left), fine particles, aka P2.5 , e.g.2.5 microns and smaller as well as ozone 

And then we have the Fab Five on the US Supreme Court


Hank Roberts said...

> the 5 US Supreme Court justices are "Rolling Koch"

Hank Roberts said...

John said...

Fab Five on the Supreme Court?

Not any more.

Only four.