Friday, December 04, 2015

Passes belief

So the forces of denial gathered together for a strategy session yesterday and played a mean game of climate bingo.  They also  didn't listen when a reporter for Open Democracy UK mentioned that he was a reporter and they let it all hang out.  Eli will not steal the eyeballs from Adam Ramsey, but he simply notes that this answers the question of how arrogant are these people.

Required reading, Eli will simply steal a quote

Monckton suggested that they should accept that the greenhouse effect is real. There was a fair amount of disagreement in the room. The chair said “I'm trying to appeal to left wing journalists”. For a moment they lost control as a number of people shouted out their various objections. The conclusion?: “The Greenhouse Effect – the debate continues”.
And, of course, this is a good time to bring back global climate denial Bingo.  Y3!!


Anonymous said...

More than once I've considered attending a global warming denier meeting or conference. I have a usable background for cover and fit the demographic (maybe a few years on the young side) to pass, assuming I kept my opinions and more detailed knowledge to myself.

But in the end it always came down to whether I would actually learn anything worth the time and expense that I didn't already know, and the answer for me was always 'no'. Of course then I might have missed the following gems:

To the nearest 10th of 1% there is no CO2 in the air at all. (Monckton)
In most operating conditions, wind turbines cause more CO2 than coal. (Monckton)

Jim Eager said...

"To the nearest 10th of 1% there is no CO2 in the air at all. (Monckton)"

And yet it's "The life-giving gas on the planet"

I think even they are starting to realize that their barrel really is empty. That or perhaps they all suffer from the same exotic brain wasting disease.

Kevin O'Neill said...

I'm getting lax and no longer keep up with all the denier memes. I wasn't familiar with - "In most operating conditions, wind turbines cause more CO2 than coal." (Monckton)

I'm guessing it's based on this article in the Wall street Journal from 2010 (paywalled) Wind Power Won't Cool Down the Planet

There's a good fact-check piece on the Bryce story here: Undermining the Critics of Wind Power


Monckton in Paris?

They'd better lock up the Jockey Club stationary before he fires off a letter to Charlie Hebdo.

Hank Roberts said...

Targeted opportunities to address the climate–trade dilemma in China
Nature Climate Change (2015)
Published online 28 September 2015

"... to the extent emerging markets have comparative advantages in manufacturing, such trade is economically efficient and desirable. However, if carbon-intensive manufacturing in emerging countries such as China entails drastically more CO2 emissions than making the same product elsewhere, then trade increases global CO2 emissions.

Here we show that the emissions embodied in Chinese exports, which are larger than the annual emissions of Japan or Germany, are primarily the result of China’s coal-based energy mix and the very high emissions intensity (emission per unit of economic value) in a few provinces and industry sectors.

Exports from these provinces and sectors therefore represent targeted opportunities to address the climate–trade dilemma ....

My emphasis added.

See also:
Revealing the Hidden Health Costs Embodied in Chinese Exports
Environ. Sci. Technol., 2015, 49 (7), pp 4381–4388
DOI: 10.1021/es506121s
Publication Date (Web): March 23, 2015

Fernando Leanme said...

Off topic: as far as I can tell the El Niño event has peaked. I'm very happy to see my prediction was right. Now I'm predicting a switch to La Niña within six months.

Off topic 2: the USS George Washington is sailing off the Venezuelan coast. Tomorrow's election, if the Reds don't commit outright fraud, should lead to a massive defeat for the Maduro regime. Most polls show the opposition with a 30 % advantage (65-35). Whatever happens some unrest is expected. The government has hinted they won't accept the election results if they lose. I think the US carrier is there to help evacuate embassy personnel and families, and expats able to reach the embassy.

I mention this because I expect the unrest to cause a drop in Venezuela's oil exports. This in turn should make oil prices rebound and will allow renewables and EVs to compete a bit better. If oil prices stay low we will see Tesla Motors declare bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely astounds me how morally and intellectually bankrupt these guys are. They literally have nothing. And yet the media pay attention to them because they are to dim and lazy to write a story that doesn't center on "conflict".

As a species, we're dumber than owlshit.

Fernando Leanme said...

On the other hand, most of the "drowning islands" mythology isn't supported. Those islands tend to be overpopulated, have damaged ecosystems, and are governed by incompetent and corrupt governments. It's a toxic mix.

Jim Eager said...

Ahem, none of which in any way supports your assertion that "drowning islands" is mythology, Fern.