Friday, November 06, 2015

The Billionaires Save the Earth From Climate Scientists

A short while ago, Eli pointed to a tweet by Scott Westerfeld which explained everything.  Rueben Bolling has turned this into a cartoon

From Daily Kos

Will they be able to save the Earth and their riches before the evil Obama sells them out at the UNFCCC COP21?  Stay tuned to Rabett Run


Hank Roberts said...

Freefall has another angle on this -- free the AI robots and let them take over boosting the economy. Because, presumably, they can do it sustainably, not requiring eating large quantities of biological material ...

E. Swanson said...

Those rich kids apparently are getting what they want from their political "investments".

2015 Anti-Environmental Budget Riders

Stopping the Keystone XL pipeline project won't last long if one of those Tea Party Republicans win the White House. The really scary guy is at the front of the pack:

Ben Carson has weird ideas and makes stuff up


Carson is looking better than ever:

While the pyramids are carbon dated to ~3500 BC, Carson maintains that Juseph engineered them as Pharaoh's graneries circa 1900 BC-- a 10,000 year improvement on Burt Rutan, who thinks they were built by space aliens at the end of the last ice age.

Kevin O'Neill said...

Russell writes: "...a 10,000 year improvement on Burt Rutan..."

Hmmmm, from this can we then conclude that, unlike science, lunacy does not advance one funeral at a time - since Burt Rutan still lives?

Hank Roberts said...

New Hope for Advocacy Science:

Jim Eager said...

Obama's decision was a welcome gift to our new PM as it gave Trudeau cover and let him off the hook. Although the Liberals stated that they were not against XL during the campaign (they pretty much had to say that if they wanted to win a majority), his "disappointment" was clearly not that deep and not even crocodile tears were shed by anyone in the new government.

Keystone will stay dead long enough to have a significant impact in Paris and during the next year, if not longer, and a lot can get done in a year. At the very least, business as usual in the tar sands is no longer an option. With XL a dead parrot for the time being, expect a renewed push by the energy sector on an east-west pipeline to get the bitumin to tidewater, in which case it won't be heading to the US market. But there is tremendous opposition to a pipeline to the BC coast, and opposition to an east coast link will be emboldened.

And in case you hadn't heard, Canadian government scientists were given permission Friday to once again speak to the media and public about their work without management's OK (Thursday at that Department of Oceans and Fisheries).

guthrie said...

Russell - I've never read of the pyramids being carbon dated to 3,500BC, you meant 2,500BC, right?

The really silly thing about the pyramids is that we've got the whole sequence of them built over a century or two as the Egyptians stabilised their state and worked out how to make massive buildings. We've got mistakes in design, in technique, and a clear line of development in shape through the generations. The only reason for people to think that they were made by alien tech or suchlike is because they don't know anything about the pyramids in general, or indeed are idiots.

Don Gisselbeck said...

I thought Burt Rutan believed the Egyptians built the pyramids by casting limestone and granite.


Burt's living room murals tell the story: Aliens it is.

14 C first dynasty dates range from 3100 BC on- my bad for not digging further

John said...

Just last week, Mr. X, a personal trainer in a gym, revealed to me that he has figured out how the ancient Egyptians managed to build such large structures from very heavy stone blocks. It's really very simple: the ancient Egyptians had mastered anti-gravity technology, either on their own or with help from aliens.

It's obvious, at least in retrospect. Why didn't I think of that? Once the Egyptians had the anti-gravity part mastered, the heavy blocks could be moved as easily as we move a block of cheese today.

It's your choice: Granite or basalt? Cheddar or Swiss?


Just for the record:

This is satire. Gravity is always an attractive force, and there is no such thing as antigravity technology.

When I hear people talking about antigravity technology, I think of the remark by

Woody Allen in his great 1977 film, Annie Hall.

"Excuse me, I have an appointment back on planet Earth".

S A T I R E !!!

Hank Roberts said...

So, why aren't they building their pipeline north to the Arctic Ocean?

Meanwhile, I still think we need that Keystone right of way -- not for oil, but so we can suck all that extra fresh water out of the Canadian North down to Texas. Gotta flush out the Gulf of Mexico, it's full of crap from the Mississippi drainage.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of satire and Russell's thirst for technobabble solutions to the coming Hun attack on his ivory tower, it appears that cosmic QCD axions are ultracold, ultralight Bose-Einstein condensed dark matter, and that you can actually couple to dynamical fluctuating axion fields in the laboratory using cleverly designed experimental apparatus involving topological superconductors and exotic K-theory physics.

I'm serious, it's gravitoelectromagnetism. In the laboratory.

I predict crank magnets will arise from this.

Russell will be thrilled, of course.

More on this on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I'm serious about the axions. Wave your hand and arms around wildly and you are stirring them up already. They're everywhere, kind of like neutrinos, but much slower, essentially localized until you give them a little swish. So remember that the next time you hand wave away exotic physics. Unfortunately, it looks like this is the end of it until you get all the way up to Planck scale and strings and brane theories. Of course then, there is a lot more physics to choose from.

Axions! Who ever heard of such a thing. Billionaires have, I suppose.


Random Numerologist : crank magnets are so 2013:

Anonymous said...

I'm not suggesting that the obvious dynamical axion field coupling in gravitoelectromagnetism is an unknown atmospheric forcing hithertofor unbeknownst to mankind until revealed by my penetrating insights, but rather that the inevitable antigravity and free zero point energy arising out of such an unnatural physical coupling will save humanity.

Consider yourself fortunate that I thought this all up just this morning. Just for you. I hereby name this effect 'The Russell Effect'.

So crank up the magnets. The fun has just begun.


If mustard poultices fail to cure poor Eightcy's gravitoelectromagnetosis dolorosa , he can turn to gravetar and feathering.