Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat


John said...

Very typical of Eli Rabett's cultural tastes:


acronym: SQUARE
(as opposed to HIP)

'Scuze me, gotta go to the Time Warp Party..

John said...

I also dig Susan Sarandon, then 28, playing Janet, opposite Barry Bostwick, playing Brad.

Important facts (important to me, anyway).

The original script for the stage version was written by Richard O'Brien, an unemployed actor, in the early 1970's.

The film came after the stage version. The 1975 film's budget for costumes was $1,000

The film used a British country home previously used by Hammer Films for a number of horror movies.

I saw the film in Tucson AZ in the late 1970's, when it had already acquired a cult following. Audience members came in costume and shouted out the lines at the screen.

Some cultural historians have credited the film for pioneering insignia such as fishnet stockings and dyed hair that later were identified with punk culture.

Hank Roberts said...

Speaking of horrors, given that Jupiter ejected another massive planet from the immediate vicinity some while ago, what are the odds on the kind of interaction and the amount of energy?

The horror would be if the thing went out on a path that will track as a long, long ellipse rather than a permanent departure.

Imagine if he comes ba-a-a-ack ....

Unknown said...

re choice of weapon- it's not an ice-pick, but a mountaineer's ice-axe, the same tool used to terminate Leon Trotsky. Intentional connection? who knows ...