Friday, May 29, 2015

Needs more glaciers

Good start though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brian! The technique is a form of photogrammetry called Structure from Motion (SfM). You might also be interested to know about Project Mosul to use crowd-sourced photos to virtually reconstruct objects destroyed in Mosul using SfM. It's an opportunity to help with the virtual reconstruction of the lost artifacts.

Taylor B

Hank Roberts said...

I'd like to see this done finding stereo pairs -- which isn't hard to do.

I've found 'accidental' stereo pairs both in ordinary photos online and in satellite photographs from, e.g., Terra and Aqua, which sometimes take almost the same photograph from almost the same angle at almost the same time, making a nice "long base" stereo giving the "my head is as big as the Earth" point of view.


I can hardly wait for First Superluminal Contact with the Procyon Long Now Foundation, so we can download their Whole Whole Earth time- lapse telescopic continental drift images

Hank Roberts said...

I'm just hoping to see something soon from closer by, as we approach
"the expected arrival time of DSCOVR at L1 around the beginning of June."

Nothing yet, at least for us outsiders.

Ed Darrell said...

"Good start though."

Perilously close to Utah Phillips's line, "Good though," which is probably best appreciated after listening to his performance.