Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eli's Position on This Is Ghandi's on Western Civilization

File under how did Eli miss this.  While looking over the toos and fros of the APS Climate Change Statement enhanced review committee, Eli missed the bottom line, found at the POPA web site

On Oct. 10, POPA reported out a draft statement for consideration by the APS.

The APS Council will review the statement in November, followed by the APS Board of Directors. Consistent with APS by-laws, all APS members will be given an opportunity to review the statement and provide input during a comment period. The Climate Change Statement Review is a deliberative process. As a membership organization of more than 50,000 physicists, APS adheres to rigorous scientific standards in developing all its statements.
Can't wait for the October meeting minutes to be posted.


bjchip said...

Well.. I'm not familiar enough with the way that site is structured to find that even with your pointer, but I did find this.

Which indicates that Koonin is no longer involved.

Was that a fact already known to be true? ... or am I just lagging too far behind the news front.



While awaiting POPA's decay into its electoral ground state, readers can vote these reviews

up and down in the same disinterested spirit as the Bloggies

Unknown said...

Um, "Gandhi."