Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sorely Missed Already - het

Coby Beck reports that Harold Elmer Taylor has died at the age of 68.  het compiled a graceful and humorous weekly summary of climate news and blog posts at A Few Things Ill Considered.   It was, however, not short of concern for what we are doing to the Earth.

"Harvey E. Taylor, aka het, died Monday, July 14, 2014 at his home in Portage la Prairie, a small town in Manitoba, Canada.  All I know of it is from one brief online obituary and one more detailed one at the website of a funeral home. It says he died peacefully and in his home."
He was also working on a novel called "The Bottleneck Years" parts of which were published on the blog over time.

Short memory candles   can be left at the funeral home site.  Longer one's at A Few Things.

We need a wake to ease the loss.


Anonymous said...

"het" was dedicated and thorough. He made a real contribution to the public climate debate. His startling death is a reminder that our time to do good in life is limited. His time was well-spent!

jyyh said...

+ wottsupwiththat
his reports pointed to sources of many articles that provoked internal discussions many of which are still are unresolved. While Tenney has shared a lot of things to think of, het was one great producer of compilations and summaries of articles that should matter to us all. Didn't know him personally, but his dedication to his work shows everywhere.

Sou said...

That is very sad news. I didn't know him personally but valued highly his weekly updates.

(HotWhopper and I owe a lot to HE Taylor. He was probably the very first person to publicise HW, with no prompting from me. I am very grateful.)

Anonymous said...

I set great store by HE Taylor's collection of papers, blogs and news stories. A Few Things Ill Considered was always worth several weekly views for new nuggets, certain to include (but not confined to) the "Chuckles".

How one life can touch many, and make its absence felt most keenly.