Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Whitehouse Marathon

UPDATE:  Now streaming at CSPAN

Somebunnies have told Eli that twenty eight US Senators will be filibustering taking part in an all night midterm review about climate change from Monday night at 22:00 to Tuesday morning at 9:00.  These are the members of the Senate Climate Action Task Force.  They got a hash tag #Up4Climate, streaming video link when available.  In the meantime, here is the latest from Whitehouse on Monday (almost)

Remember to tell your study group.  Eli will bring the carrots, Ms. Rabett the dip.


Susan Anderson said...

Such a wonderful effort. I will have to think of something good to send Elizabeth Warren (lucky to have Ed Markey as well in Massachusetts) who has asked for suggestions.

OT alert: This junior bunny (not young but unwise and uninformed at times) was highly entertained for the wordplay on bated/baited.

Red herrings indeed, best ignored but I lost my self-control there.

Susan Anderson said...

forbye ... forsooth!

Anonymous said...

Why all night?

Reid is on the list of participants. He runs the senate. Why not exclusively, all day, for two work weeks?

Is this issue not taken to be important or do the Dems think this is a clever way to get press coverage and public involvement?

These folks are our last legislative hope?

I think I'll go have a coal ash quiche.

John Puma