Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Four Seas Interludes

To be played as the oceans warm


Anonymous said...

Sea ice now back to levels 13 years ago. It is cold in them darn seas.


Anonymous said...

so, what??? Do you deny that the whole time series shows a damned warming trend???


Turboblocke said...

From your link, I think you mean the average of the 2000's, not the level of the year 2000.

Given that from that plot you can see that 2011,2012 and 2012 are below the average of the 2000's, I don't think the plot is reassuring.

spilgard said...

Where I live, today's temperature is several degrees warmer than on this date 13 years ago. Therefore, autumn and winter are a hoax.

Jeffrey Davis said...

Today at noon it will be warmer than last night. Anyone can cherry-pick an inappropriate time series.