Wednesday, May 15, 2013


From long ago by Barry Brook an update of  Eileen O'Shaunghnessy's, End of the Century-1984

"...Hansen's bones are quiet at last,
...No science disturbs the lucid line,
For sun-scorched Earthers tune their thought
To Offworld Station 'Holocene-1'
From where they know just what they ought,
...memories of times past that should be banished
Only relics, philosophies and a parched wasteland lie below..."


Sou said...

Haunting, eerie, goose-bump making.

Jim Eager said...

Shouldn't that be
"To Offworld Station"?

EliRabett said...

Yep, tanks. Eli suffers happily a bit from occasional dyslexia

Anonymous said...

Eli, you are still worshiping that criminal against humanity, Hansen.

You are one of the rats that's swimming towards the sinking Titanic.


EliRabett said...

Respecting. There is a difference

cRR Kampen said...

O the fun of nitwit following. Here we have: "stefanthedenier". A quick scan of his hole reveals e.g.

"Fact 11: because the oceans have more water that is below 4⁰C, than above, when the seawater gets colder – the water level goes up."

So: seawater is pure, sweet water, like distilled, which has its greatest density at +4° C instead of at its freezing point near -2° C.

He also believes the Mediterranean used to be a swampy depression at 2.5 to almost 5 kilometers(!!) below Ocean surface level, resulting from evaporation in just a 1000 years after Gibraltar closed (because of a drastic warming, obviously!).

Wonderland mate or this rat - f#ck respect for this rat - actually worships Hansen (which is Hansen's due) but cannot communicate it. Go learn social skills or remain in your own hole.

Jim Eager said...

stefanthedenier seems to suffer from an acute case of projection.

@whut said...

Regarding StefanTheDenier of Oz

The proportion of cranks with odd climate theories coming out of Australia is statistically significant. To subvert and prank is part of the Oz cultural heritage -- see Larrikinism.

I would think that Lewandowsky would be aware of this proclivity?

cRR Kampen said...

WHT, being a Dutch remigrant I will deny or acclaim everything vehemently and wholly trolllike if neccesary. I will also stick my vinger into anything that leaks.

[njoyedo freestone]

Anonymous said...

Ok, here is where I am at with this thing so far. If things are as bad as we think with respect to the carbon and population problems, then yes, let's do this. We already have the ISS and a bunch of launch vehicles, particularly Musk and Bezos are both investing heavily in methane and hydrogen high performance next generation engines and Musk is doing batteries and solar panels. I have identified a whole slew of Caribbean landing sites from Texas which would accommodate increasingly large and complex booster stacking arrangements yielding ever more efficient orbital insertions while maintaining the ability to sequentially stage and recover the boosters. With other innovations the LEO tourism part of this can be greatly reduced in cost, and the external component can be cast into fiscally achievable solutions.

Honestly, I don't see any other way out of this mess, a reversion to Eocene climate is inevitable unless drastic changes are made.