Monday, December 10, 2012

Eli and the Fox

A number of Eli's favorite folk have asked the Rabett to post their opinions of him encapsulated in the cartoon at the right.  Now some, not Eli to be sure, might think it better to be feared than liked, and he can tell you from experience (on which side is strictly your choice) that the tested way to get a seat on the subway is to act, well, a bit like that with optional drool and froth during rush hour.

At the recent 2012 AGU Meeting many more people were aware of the Bunny than Ms. Rabett thinks healthy.  "You're difficult enough, Eli" she says, but fortunately there are enough distractions by the Bay to busy even the flintiest of soul mates.  Eli is deeply grateful to those who try and publicly confuse him with a dear friend.  Rabett Run appears to occupy a unique ground in the climate blogosphere, and the Rabett is curious about what it is

Here at Rabett Run we try to keep it light.  Observing sheer weirdness, self absorption, concern trolls and just plain vanilla thick can be dispiriting.  Observing the same in folks with pieces of paper on the wall brings new meaning to what Mom Rabett used to describe as the the hard of learning, you know the type in the first row who could learn to read but was not going to give the teacher satisfaction by doing so.  Pointing all this out on occasion can lighten the spirits of the writer and reader.  We don't always have a winner, but the targets are fat, juicy and oblivious and Eli, well Eli is just a bunny.

Who could stay mad at a bunny?  (Names please)


Anonymous said...

Rabett Run
-- by Horatio Algeranon

It takes two rabbits
To get a third
As are their habbits

It takes just one
With Eli Rabett
Third rabbit is run

Magnus said...

The Nobel winner was perhaps bunnyesque ... or something

EWI said...

Bunnies might note that Ireland's favourite no-longer-living-here Dutch contrarian, Richard Tol, has resurfaced: