Saturday, November 03, 2012

Stand Up

The folks at Climate Silence, who were trying to figure out why no one mentioned climate change in the US election campaign have put out an ad that they are looking for support for. Hopefully this can be shown in the Northeast and other parts of the US. Send it to your friends, neighbors and relatives, esp the ones who send you those Cato Cartoons. But perhaps you can help. Eli was trying to figure out which clown Romney reminded him of, and the best he could come up with is Jack Benny, which is sad, because Eli was a great fan of Jack.  He used to wait by the radio until Dad and Grandad Rabett came home and helped them listen to the show.


bill said...

The facial expressions at 0' 5", 0' 11" and 0' 25" should be in an online visual dictionary under 'arrogant smug git'.

Anonymous said...

Obama has been very busy doing nothing about climate change, but he tells you he is going to. And you believe him.

That is the Democrat way, tell you what you want to hear and then do nothing.


Michael Tobis said...

Good eye. That move was a studied imitation of Jack Benny. I think you are right.

There is still no evidence that Romney has even the twisted sense of humor that caused the people at the convention to respond to the joke.

J Bowers said...

Not a clown, an illusionist: got the smoke, the mirrors, the trickery and the sleight of hand, but ten times weirder than David Blaine, and better at making jobs disappear to China.

EliRabett said...

Some time ago in bunny years, about 2009, Eli pointed out that Obama was either going to get climate change legislation through Congress or hammer the issue with executive action.

So what happened was

1. The EPA CO2 regulations
2. Doubling of fleet mileage requirements
3. Insistence that Federal Agencies significantly decrease their use of fossil fuels

This use of the EPA and other agencies regulatory authority has NOT been limited to climate change but extends to other issues inc mercury, etc.