Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In case anybunny asks

about the difference between the exchange time for individual CO2 molecule from the air to the ocean and back, and the retention time during which an increase in overall CO2 atmospheric concentration remains show em this

UPDATE: And since tony brought this up in the comments, Eli presents the Juggler's Apprentice

The Rabett expects video from Japan momentarily.  Jules has AVI capability on her S100.


Jim Eager said...

Excellent. They won't get it though. Or rather they will refuse to get it.

The robot trap weighs in: ownets 5, because they score them all the time, yet refuse to acknowledge the score.

tonylearns said...

I THOUGHT that was Doug Sayers. He is one of the best jugglers in the country. in this vid he does some tricks I pioneered ( and a WHOLE bunch of others I never dreamed of)
You are now going to get a number of juggler and circus performers looking at this page as I repost this on FB.
I wonder if you know that Gavin Schmidt is a juggler, and that James Annan is learning to ride a unicycle!
Unfortunately I have been rather unable to get many circus people concerned about ACC, but maybe this will help.It will certainly increase your cool factor :-)

OR did Doug hack your account to pad his youtube views?

jyyh said...

Just three balls for me thanks. I've not done that for a long time but about 10 years ago managed three-ball shower both ways, just didn't manage to switch to the poorer hand side on flight. Multiplex starts were fun, but only occasionally managed those throws in-between. The man on the video obviously does not have the poor hand side :-).

What I've wondered that is going straight to five easier than messing with four ball showers and such?

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

JYYH "Just three balls for me thanks."

Sounds uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I understood the difference between the two concepts. That is, until I watched the first video.
Jay Alt

Anonymous said...

...messing with four ball showers...

Three ball cascade = three hand moves per cycle. Three ball shower = six hand moves per cycle. Even allowing for the fact you toss higher in a shower (= more air time), you still need to be moving your hands a lot faster. A four ball shower probably equals a seven ball cascade on that measure (of course, a four ball shower is easier in other ways).

Indifferent with 3-balls/clubs, but parent of 5-club/7-ball/8-ring climate-aware teen.

Jeffrey Davis said...

42 years ago, in an afternoon, I learned to juggle 3 balls. My skill immediately peaked, and I've not been able to increase it an iota. Although I can now juggle 2 balls with one hand while tossing one ball up and down with the other. (That additional trick seems easier to do than 3 balls.)

Anonymous said...

"Although I can now juggle 2 balls with one hand while tossing one ball up and down with the other."

That could earn you a few bob down the docks.

jules said...

...when James can juggle while unicycling you'll see the vid.