Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming soon to a DVD player near you


Anja said...

it's going to be spinning in your dvd player, probably mine as well (though, i rather hope it will be downloadable). BUT the people who really should be watching this, to whom this would be news, probably won't.

as with the movies of michael moore and so many others these days to the left, right and any which direction, it's made for an *owned* audience. so you end up with an increasing stratification, compartmentalisation of society where each segment becomes more entrenched in their own truth.

not to say such movies should NOT be made, it just depresses me that it's primarily preaching to the converted.

Hardy Cross said...

This very serious Jacqueline says the paleo record supports her AGW theory. Methinks something is amiss here since the paleo record shows natural climate change throughout. What's the story here, that she's misinformed or what?

Anonymous said...

@ Hardy Cross,

Perhaps you missed the section where she speaks of the last 10,000 years...?

Oh and I forgot about the almost total unanimity of all the different types of scientists she refers to earlier.

She was politely saying the paleo argument is hogwash.


Anonymous said...

Reality has a liberal bias!

Obviously, this documentary is going to have an extremely limited time run in a very few independent theaters! An equally tight penny in the dollar advertising budget and will only ever reach a very small proportion of the targeted demographic audience.

Only in America, Australia and the United Kingdom, where pure political science 101 propaganda institutes for hire to the lowest bidder. These corporate paid spin the lies doctors, will create a very large number of red herrings, furphies, use blackmail, direct bribery and numerous other lies to hide the inconvenient truth. For example "GasLand" released by Josh Fox
in 2010, was savagely attacked with pure baseless zombie fiction arguments, mixed well with stinky propaganda throughout 2011.

I would suspect that the creators of this thought provoking documentary, would reach a far greater audience world wide by using the "BitTorrent" distribution method and maintain a direct web site for purchase of the DVD/Blueray(tm)'s, direct or via "Amazon" and a donation button.

Article "Piracy May Be An Indie Filmmaker's Best Friend: Discuss." Link:-

Sadly, for many who do not live in the country or cities for the limited restricted theatrical release, they would clearly miss out.

In addition, in a corporate world, where all information is now strictly controlled/manipulated by SOPA/PIPA and RWA, such documentaries would be very illegal, indeed!

Hardy Cross said...

Why do American women have such short hair? This very serious Jacqueline turns me on, in part for her delusion but mostly for her long hair.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Hardy Cross, there is no "theory of AGW". There is a theory of Earth's climate that explains the paleoclimatic history of the planet, and of which anthropogenic causation of warming due to fossil fuel combustion is an inevitable consequence. This has been known since 1896. Now you can get caught up on the rest of the science of the 20th century. Spoiler alert: Look for a guy named Einstein in 1905--good stuff.

Martin Vermeer said...

> Methinks something is amiss here since
> the paleo record shows natural climate
> change throughout.

Yes it does, doesn't it. And we have the goods on all that climate change: ice ages/interglacials, Snowball Earth, PETM, you name it. We know why it happened. Just as we know why it is happening now. It's the same body of knowledge that makes us (well, me and some other folks) understand both.

Jeffrey Davis said...

A logical argument from the paleo record can only take the form, "Climate has changed in the past from natural causes so that the current change MIGHT be from natural causes." But it never argued that way. It is argued that since climate has changed in the past from natural causes that the current change can't be from human causes. Which is not merely ludicrous: it is pernicious. The work of con men. It is the logical equivalent of saying that since Brutus killed Caesar that Oswald couldn't have killed Kennedy.

John said...

To Jeffrey Davis:

Yes, but to be VERY clear, especially for the aggressively dense, let's make this argument: with the advent of a large human population and it's industrial, high energy consumption activities, earth's climate must be considered to be determined by a combination of natural (non-human) AND human causes.

John Puma

Lars Karlsson said...

Jeffrey Davis,

I've personally always been in favour of the "Brutus and Cassius killed Kennedy" theory, for the simple reason that they had killed a charismatic and popular leader before. It is the same pattern all over again.

Of course, they also killed Abe Lincoln.

Lars Karlsson said...

...and Mahatma Gandhi.