Monday, July 25, 2011

Eli is a Mild Mannered Bunny

Some, not the bunnies, think that Eli is too hot, but here is some editorial opinion from the local rag in Moncton, cold Atlantic Canada

It was predictable. I implicitly predicted it here last week. I said it is pointless and futile to argue with climate change deniers since their minds won't ever be in danger of becoming confused by the facts. Since then, they've proven it with their feedback, fussing, fuming and fulminating. They're offended their intelligence is allegedly questioned and say those who warn about the coming ill-effects of climate change and the pressing need to act quickly are the ill-informed ones lacking any good scientific basis.

With apologies to a fine local country music band from these parts many years ago, ladies and gentlemen, I present the Bunkhouse Boys - emphasis on the bunk.

These arguments and allegations are so lacking in logic or fact that one must indeed question, if not their intelligence, then at least their woefully inadequate 'learning.' The only other alternative is to question their motive and intellectual honesty. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Call it a failure to grasp the most rudimentary concepts of science.


seamus said...

It's the global aspect of the problem, and any possible solution, that causes such intense rejection. A large segment of humanity simply refuse to advance beyond adolescence. Naturally, anything that suggests the irrelevance of the nation-state causes considerable angst among the small-minded. These clowns have gotten the benefit of the doubt for long enough. Enough, I say.

Scrooge said...

I guess it just goes to show that in some cases there are children that should be left behind.

Anonymous said...

This recalls to me a recent conversation I had on a blog heavily populated with denialists of all stripes.

I mentioned, in the context of the thread's discussion, the trivial fact that 50% of people were of less than average intelligence, and immediately I was scorched with fulminating accusations of intellectual arrogance and superiority. Even after I carefully explained intelligence quotients and basics statistics to them they were convinced that I was lording it over them - it was, I suppose, is a good indication of the side of the mean upon they fall...

Sadly, there appears to be a significant (although not absolute) correlation between intelligence and acceptance of the professional scientific understanding. And given that (in Australia at least) approximately half of the population is falling for the conservative dogwhistling of Tony Abbott and his arch-denialist shock-jock lackeys, it seems that at least an average intelligence might be required in order to deal with the scientific fundamentals of climate change.

I find that idea more than a little disturbing, as it would seem to imply that Australians at least are not sufficiently intellectually equipped to figure out that they're shitting in their children's (and in their own) nests.

My only solace is that this may simply be an environmental consequence, rather than a constitutional deficiency in Australia's genetic diversity. The former can be addressed; the latter cannot.

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jay Cadbury, phd.

Listen, if the solution weren't a giant tax scam then I wouldn't care what you're doing. Unfortunately, that is the solution being put forward, which is a classic, left wing solution.


I agree, 50% of people are of less than average intelligence and I would put you in the bottom 50%.

Instead of targeting co2, why don't you all make the case that it is pollution in general? Near my work, cement trucks dump filthy water next to my car....what is being done about this? I'm worried that global warming is screwing up other environmental priorities. Also, I have no problem with setting up big fines for polluters. For example, I hate it when people pollute the rivers and streams. What is being done about this?

Dan Satterfield said...

The trick is recognizing those who are genuinely confused and want to understand versus those "authoritarian" types who are immune to facts that do not fit into their worldview. Only about 20% of the population fit that description, the rest are reachable in some way using reason.

The rabbit speaks very wisely today ;)

J Bowers said...

Tax scam? Left wing solution? Has Jay fallen into the same bunny trap as Anders Breivik? Jay even likes to maintain that Monckton has serious points to make, he's a winner, and we're all scared of him, I recall.

H/T to Magnus Westerstrand

EliRabett said...

Jay, u have heard about the clean water and air act? you know, the one that the radical right is always trying to gut????

Yes, the water and the air are much cleaner in the US than thirty years ago.

J Bowers said...

Glenn Beck likens Norwegian dead to Hitler youth

Getting to be a common theme amongst those with the right wing solutions, isn't it? Is Marxism out of vogue?

Anonymous said...

"I agree, 50% of people are of less than average intelligence and I would put you in the bottom 50%."


If your supposed PhD was in psychometrics, you should ask for your money to be refunded.

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII

J Bowers said...

"Near my work, cement trucks dump filthy water next to my car....what is being done about this?"

The Republicans of the 112th Congress are doing their damnedest to make sure it continues by killing the EPA. Didn't you know your Marxist bellyaching will ruin the economy?

Horatio Algeranon said...

What a difference a single letter can make.

Scrooge said...

OK we may be communicating here. If we can find a way to keep cement trucks away from deniers cars they may be able to understand science a bit better. Or get them to find a different parking spot. Now if we could get Al to lose some weight the light bulbs would really come on.

J Bowers said...

Speaking of Big Al,...